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Pleasure With Her Feet

Tags: Kurotsuchi Nemu, Cum, Cumshot, Footjob, Wet Pussy, Cum Squirt,

11 February 2015
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  • joe: No need for debates, guys. I'm sure both of you (and everyone else for that matter) has their own opinion. No need to get hostile about it. Let's keep this site a non-hostile environment.
    13 Feb 2015 19:08
  • shinigami: It's not about who does it, or how often. It's about the technique and end product.
    12 Feb 2015 16:36
  • Celto: Just because you prefer Lexus's art, doesn't mean you should blow the other artist of that he can't draw. That's disrespectful. While his art isn't to the quality that we'd like it to be, he's trying his damn hardest to deliver. And sorry? When Lexus hasn't been around to post a single image, Joe has posted several, keeping the site fresh. Lexus is becoming like Ellery all over again where he keeps getting ill, or something happened to his computer. At least be thankful for that.
    12 Feb 2015 09:25
  • shinigami: Don't be ridiculous Celto. It looks far from great. Joe needs to either drastically change his style or hand his role on this site to someone else.
    12 Feb 2015 07:43
  • Celto: Looks great, it might of looked better if she had a seductive look on her face rather than an upset one. Also the right breast looks off because the line is thicker compared to the other one.
    11 Feb 2015 20:43