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In Her Lonesome

Tags: Squirt, Soi Fong, Soifong, Soifon, Finger, Fingering, Pussy Finger, Solo, Masturbate, Soi Fon, Wet Pussy, Sui Feng,

9 February 2015
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  • joe: Hahaha. Thanks. Everyone has their own taste, I guess. Some would hate it, some would love it.
    13 Feb 2015 19:05
  • xgkf: What's with the shitty 2.5-star rating on this? This is a fucking INCREDIBLE piece of work! Its one of the best overall looking pieces I think I've seen Joe make, and its also one of the hottest Sui-Feng pics on the site! Great facial expression, hot-as-hell pose and activity, nice detail and panty-around-leg bonus... The only thing 'slightly' wrong is the breast size (a little bit big for Sui-Feng), but fuck that noise when the rest of it is so good! I don't know if its just retarded Sui-Fen...
    g haters, or what, but ignore that bullshit rating. This is a great piece!
    13 Feb 2015 14:48
  • WakeUpKiva: I was being considered; I was just them letting them know what they missed
    11 Feb 2015 22:45
  • WakeUpKiva: I know, I wasn't trying to force them. I was just letting them know
    11 Feb 2015 19:30
  • joe: Thank you. :)
    11 Feb 2015 19:27
  • joe: Thank you for pointing that out. We're tallying the counts for chicks of the months for the past months and we'll be posting them hopefully together with the chick of the month this month. We're focusing on any backlog requests presently.
    11 Feb 2015 19:26
  • joe: Both are acceptable. I'm a Grammar Nazi myself. Haha!
    11 Feb 2015 19:25
  • joe: That is true. We apologize for the wait but we're working to catch up with all the old requests so we can return to our regular pacing with the posts.
    11 Feb 2015 19:24
  • Tyresse: Joe and Lexus are busy with requests from members who have been waiting long. Have some consideration for that part.
    11 Feb 2015 03:53
  • Haku: The title should be, "By her lonesome"... Sorry for the grammarnazi.
    11 Feb 2015 00:56
  • WakeUpKiva: Hey Lexus and Joe, if any of you two are reading this, you forgot the Flavor of the month Bleach chicks on November, December, and January.
    10 Feb 2015 06:44
  • Phl: Very nice job, <3 Soifon (or whatever you wish to call her)!
    10 Feb 2015 02:08
  • Celto: I'm not exactly sure what it is, be it the effects you add to the line art, or the shading, but whatever it is, keep on doing it this way. The body looks pretty nice, although the head looks a little off, maybe her mouth? Still, pretty nice pic, and I think this is the first time we've had a squirting pic in a while, I'd like to see more.
    9 Feb 2015 18:56
  • peperana: YEAH More pic of shee ^^!!! next whit Renji and Rukia Threesome
    9 Feb 2015 10:21
  • Tenchi2k: Thats alot better, thank you very much Joe ^.^
    9 Feb 2015 09:50