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1 October 2015
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  • joe: It's all good. Don't sweat it. I've discussed it with Lexus already and it seems that your request could be squeezed in for the Halloween workloads since there's only a few Halloween request as of the moment. Lexus will give us an update regarding that.
    7 Oct 2015 13:11
  • Westes: Oh, OK. It's just that, Lexus apparently is planning to take a "break" from his regular work schedule to focus on requests for this Halloween, and because he doesn't have all that many of them (yet) on his workload, I see it as an opportunity to hopefully get one done from him sometime this October, or (early) November as well. Even if it "costs" my requests for you to not be done sometime this Oct.-Nov., I'd still like to prioritize the Halloween one I posted to Lexus to be done for this Oc...
    t.-Nov. (I personally find it very special :P) In any case, thanks for being considerate, and sorry for the back-paddling.
    4 Oct 2015 16:14
  • joe: Got your Halloween request and will work on it according to the work queue. To clarify, members MAY request 1 art per artist (total of 2) BUT how fast the request will be done is entirely dependent on each artist's workloads. Let's say for example you put in a total of 2 requests this month - 1 for Lexus and me - obviously, I'll be able to do your request sooner as Lexus has more pending requests that go back a few weeks. So the frequency of each members' request being done is dependent on t...
    he workload of that artist and of course, it's going to be done based on the actual date the request was put in in the first place. It will take some time for all requests to be done but we commit to actually doing the request no matter how far the request is dated from. So bottomline is you MAY request 2 artworks from each artist, but it is improbable you'll get those requests done at the same time as there is a workload we have to follow chronologically. I hope that makes sense and that it answers your question. As with your Halloween request, if you posted one for Lexus already, then it's going to be on the Lexus workload. I will just do your first request (once it is your turn) if that is the case. :) **I haven't started any work for your request yet so we still have time to clarify which artist does which request.**
    4 Oct 2015 07:53
  • Westes: Hi, Joe. I just reposted my Halloween request for you. However, I need to ask you something. If I understood Lexus in his last post correct, do we get 1 Halloween request from each of you? Like, we may get in total 2 requests from you guys? If it's only 1 request and 1 artist, I kinda wish to get the one I posted to Lexus done instead of the one I posted to you, and have you just start on the one with Kunieda Ryó. If you're currently working on that Halloween request from me, I understand...
    if it's too much to just stop. It's what I get for not making up my freaking mind. This is, of course, not a problem if we do get 1 Halloween request from each artist this year.
    3 Oct 2015 23:03
  • joe: Thanks. :)
    2 Oct 2015 03:44
  • Westes: Another nice cover :]
    1 Oct 2015 21:08