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7 February 2017
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  • joe: Very much. And very busy. LOL! Lexus is over at FTpixxx for now.
    11 Feb 2017 08:47
  • Noodles: About the 'discussion' well i agree with both of you guys by the way where is Lexus is he/she still alive?
    10 Feb 2017 21:43
  • joe: Yo! I'm glad to see some people see that we're making an effort to reach out to members and communicate on what can be improved on. I do understand you and dragonshiryu's (and maybe other members') opinions on this. I do see that some organization on how requests can be handled can still be worked on and improved. I can't speak for the other artists on the other pixxx sites but as far as I know, so far it's only been me and Lexus who's been jumping around sites periodically (with ecchizen havin...
    g moved to bpixxx quite recently and kido being added on Npixxx) and it can be sooo hectic at times that we sometimes don't see changes immediately as we'd like. I know for sure Lexus has been so busy making art his arm fell off a couple times and had to buy spare ones. LOL! Anyways, I've forwarded this concern over the organization of the request queue to the admins and they're already on the matter. Let's wait for what steps they'll be taking next. Thanks!
    10 Feb 2017 09:27
  • Phllbrun: Hey Joe, thanks for being attentive to the comments here, it is refreshing as you are about the only artist I really see doing so on these sites. I wanted to put it out there that I agree completely with dragonshiryu about these sites as well. I suggested about a year ago to the support email that something needed to be done about chain requests as it is unfair to those who follow the rules. I have been a member for around 2 years here but there have been several times when I considered cance...
    lling due to the chaos. It is quite annoying to be someone who follows the one request a month rule and watch people abuse the system, causing your own requests to sit in the que for a really long time. Recently I said if you had stuck to Naruto I would cancel because you are the only artist that seems to get my requests done in a timely manner. The next request I have in que for Lexus was made in January of last year (unless it gets skipped again in favor of holidays)! One final thought, I understand that doing the same work on these sites could get boring, but there is very little communication about where an artist is going to be at a given time. You are the exception to that rule. Lexus has been on FTPixxx for quite some time, even though it is still possible to make requests here that will likely never be filled. Doesn't help that some artists seem to disappear for weeks without warning, and then return saying some stuff happened, do like 10 requests, then gone again. Hkey really needs to communicate better with customers so we know what is going on, maybe the new suggestion box will help, I hope it does. I am probably sounding harsh, and I don't mean to, but as a customer I feel I should let you know my thoughts. I greatly appreciate the work that you do, and the quality you deliver, and that you are willing to communicate with us customers is great! I feel the same about the other artists as well (when they do deliver, it is normally high quality). Don't take any of this as a personal attack, and I hope Lexus does not either. I really just would like to see better organization and communication so things can be fair for everyone, including me. :)
    9 Feb 2017 18:49
  • joe: You are welcome, LinkAraa. Glad you liked, it.
    9 Feb 2017 09:07
  • joe: Yo, dragonshiryu. I gotta say I completely understand where you're coming from and thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. I'm not really sure if other HKey artists have reported this to the admins but yeah, we artist have been getting confused with spam/repetitive posts on the suggestion box and I think it's something that the admins are working to resolve too. This is something that I'll definitely forward to the admins to get sorted out. Really sorry for the trouble and thanks for...
    keeping up with us regarding this. Cheers!
    9 Feb 2017 09:04
  • joe: Hello Fighter Q. I haven't checked the request list for me on Fpixxx so I haven't seen your request yet. Normally, when I go over to Fpixxx, I only see requests for me on that site only. HKey is slowly consolidating its request/suggestion boxes in all sites into one organized request database so us artists would see requests for us even if we're on a different site. I'm sure when I go back to Fpixxx, I'll find your request there. So for now, as usual, if you want me to do a request for you on Fp...
    ixxx, leave your request there. And if you want me to do a request on Bpixxx, leave your request here. Thanks!
    9 Feb 2017 08:56
  • LinkAraa: WOW This picture simply amazingness and ultra lovely Thank you very much Joe
    8 Feb 2017 21:20
  • dragonshiryu: I'm gonna tell you something man, Hentaikey isn't the only one hentai site i'm premium/VIP member i also support a few others too but i never seen a site so messy like this one, this is far the worse site in a matter of order and organization. In other sites if you spam you may get your account suspended by flooding but here nothing happens. Just check this out Here you can spam the suggestion box with tons of requests and have a chance to have all done in a row and nobody does nothing. Artis...
    ts can ignored/skipt and choose which requests/members they will do or not do and even ignore(even knowing that if the request is in suggestion box it's from somebody who paid to drop the request there), they also can do two,three,four and more requests for the same member in row over and over again and nobody can say anything(in other sites theymake it VERY CLEAR, only ONE request per member PER MONTH). Spammers/Flooders whatever they call has much more chances to have their requests done before the poor members that post only one and waits patiently until they see their requests are being ignored and cancel their subscription without see his request fulfilled. Depending the artist you post your request there is a chance you will not see it before 3 months and sometimes you never see it done(as is the case of Lexus still working on requests from 2016 Halloween when we are almost on 2017 March). To not make this post huge i'll end by here, just one more thing i want to say i been supporting and watching this site for a few months and i must say i'm not totally satisfied, the site is far away to become a good one in a matter of organization and still lack good artist with good sence when they are accepting requests. In this point i shall agree with the others members who left and to say, if they do not do something fast they'll loose more and more loyal members to the other sites and that is already happening. PS:Ecchizen may be new but anybody with a good sence to sort requests would know that what he's doing is wrong and unfair Joe. The more an artist like a suggestion he shouldn't take it if there are like 10-20-30 more requests waiting in advance.
    8 Feb 2017 16:38
  • Fighter Q: Hello Joe. Tomorrow I did the request to you on Fanpixxx and nothing wasn't happened. Seems that new the system for requests doesn't work there. I just want to know what needs to do to make requests to you and other artists on Fanpixxx like use the BPixxx suggestion box for that to ask FPixxx to you, or maybe HK gonna close this site so there have no sense to keep asking any requests to Fanpixxx Do you know something about
    8 Feb 2017 04:10
  • joe: Hey there, dragonshiryu. Yeah, about that. I'm not quite sure if Ecchizen's been briefed on how to go about the requests. But I'll let the admins know so they can remind him. I think he's fairly new here so take it easy on him if you can help it. LOL! I'm sure he'll get the hang of it.
    8 Feb 2017 02:47
  • joe: OK then, no problem. I'll take note of that. As with Ecchizen, I'm not quite sure if he's been briefed on how the workload is supposed to be. But I'll let admin know to remind him. Thanks!
    8 Feb 2017 02:45
  • dragonshiryu: Hey Joe i gotta ask this for you cause you seems to be the only artist with good sence here... So do you know the reason of why Ecchizen is doing ALL schauserik's ''suggestions'' in a row? He did three requests for him in less than 5 days man! Does your site manager knows about that, does he also knows there are more people waiting honest members that drops one single request instead to fill the suggestion box with flooding? That means if i spam 100 requests for Ecchizen here, Sailormoon...
    anf Fanpixxx on every site he will do 300 requests for me in a row and ignore all other members? This ain't fair man please notify your bosses or i'm sure more members including me will be forced to cancel our subscriptions As if waiting months weren't enough to see our requests fulfilled now we gotta wait and deal with the flooders first c'mom :/
    7 Feb 2017 14:56
  • Boogie-Man: Hello Joe i submited a request for you yesterday with Ririn i know you gonna take a while untill you get to it but i'm just here to say that on last panel of that request i would like to see her in full body view to show the shoes okay, but if you see drawing her in full view on last panel will ruin the Picture just follow the reference then. Please take note of that when you get to that request i left a note talking about that too for you. Sorry for the trouble. Another question how many req...
    uests can members get per month? just asking cause artist Ecchizen is doing alot request from the guy ''schauserik's''. Is this legal? How the things works here in this site?
    7 Feb 2017 14:27