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Bleach Beach: Sneak Peeks V2

Tags: Urahara Kisuke, Shihouin Yoruichi, Solo, Bleach Beach,

15 June 2014
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  • Zarak: make a version without Kikusuke and the epicness level will grow even more ;) (the tanlines coming back could be nice too)
    22 Jun 2014 03:04
  • Rei-Y: Lexus fantastic image. Although it is a pity that you only found about 7 images made ​​this month until now
    17 Jun 2014 19:00
  • EVA-013: Are you serious? If Rex really just following the Naruto-art-protocol on how these characters would actually be drawn if nude in their own anime/manga style then explain: Everyone know that Samui Hinata Anko Hotaru Mabui Ino supposed to be a big breasted chicks but rex did many pics where those girls got a small breasts, and in the same time Sakura Karui Karin is the small breasted girls but on NPixxx there is a lot pics from rex where they are got a big breasts Also rex always draw girls and bo...
    ys with the same height when one of them is higher and bigger and some are lower. This all looks like he draw a random characters with random body proportions and he doesn't cares a lot about the official way how they looks in canon And he doing it after over 6 years straight has been drawing "great" Naruto-Hentai. Looks at Lexus pics small girls are small big breasted-girls is big breasted. And Rex to always to remain the KING needs time to time do something impressive and extra- intresting to prove his royallity status but not do one-three simplest pics on week per whole month and then if few days bring a big pac of another simplest pics few from them even unfinished
    17 Jun 2014 17:21
  • Edwardnewgate: Rex is arrogant and dont really care about the requests, he take only those who interests him and just keep ignoring the others, took me almost 1 year to get him to take my request there and he only did because i kept asking.Im HK member for almost 3 years, Claudius and Robert never missed a member request and you just have to ask once, Darwin is nice and Ferds dont take more than 2 weeks on a member request. So Lexus is the top pixxx site now, he does the best artwork from all pixxxsites, so fa...
    r he hasnt done mine yet, but hes nice and Joe is improving more and more.
    17 Jun 2014 17:05
  • Dildo Daggins: No need to be so hostile towards each other, these are nothing but opinions. I agree with eva when he says that Rex wouldn't be so acclaimed in Bleachverse as well as I agree with Kiddo when he says that Rex is actually following Kishimoto's manga style. My opinion - and I repeat, this is MY OPINION - is that I find nothing exciting about Rex's art, too realism and nothing really appetizing about how the characters look and how they pose. That's my opinion. P.S. No betrayal has happened, I'v...
    e never liked Rex
    17 Jun 2014 08:47
  • Pachi: Candace Catnipp enough said.
    17 Jun 2014 08:42
  • Kiddo: You are not a HentaiKey member. You don't pay for the pics that you allegedly requested. It is known that only hentaikey members are allowed to make requests.
    17 Jun 2014 06:07
  • Kiddo: Are you guys serious? Rex is just following the Naruto-art-protocol on how these characters would actually be drawn if nude in their own anime/manga style. Not how he wants them to be drawn. Why would you want him to over-exaggerate body proportions just to suit your needs if it doesn't seem like the official way? Also, Rex has been drawing great Naruto-Hentai for over 6 years straight. Of course he'll get an over-reacted fan-base. Most likely, HentaiKey wouldn't be as popular as it is - if not...
    for Rex's existence. Rex will always remain the KING regardless of your betrayal.
    17 Jun 2014 05:35
  • Kiddo: Why am I calling you out lately? Well, maybe it's because you're obviously not a HentaiKey member. Which means you're not paying for access to these pics. You obviously get them free somewhere. And a non-member requesting things pisses me off.
    17 Jun 2014 05:05
  • EVA-013: I don't disrespect Rex As for me rex is being a bit overrated and his fangirls is to overactive and overly emotionally and they are always screaming and moaning that rex is the best rex is the king he is the hentai-god and something like this and they do it over and over even if do mediocre pics. He is a bit lazy and I mean not only his activity, his creativity and his wish draw good ideas that needs more efforts also not impressive. If rex become artist for BPixxx and Lexus go to NPixxx then...
    I most than sure NPixxx won't be lose own popularity and BPixxx do will not become more popular than now, likely everything will be work in the opposite direction. How rex able to put Lexus to shame if Bleachverse has a lot character with a strong sexuality from the get-go with sexy attractive bodies with appetizing juicy shapes when rex interesting turn everything into more realistic and that's mean less curves and sexuality. Actually I do not won't see flat or saggy-breasted Orihime Rangiku Yuroichi and others I won't overdose of simplest and less creativity pics I want see more threesome, some costumed, bondage, lesbian pics I do not want see unfinishrd pics that will be wait few weeks to be colored and then it will be done in rushed way with bad for coloring women anatomy.
    17 Jun 2014 03:24
  • lovelexusbutjoetoonow: YEs! OMg, this pic is soo jizzing hawt! Nice job lexus. If you're reading this, could you tell me how you sent your pics to the contest when ellery was leaving? I am an ambitious new artist and I will apply as soon as there's an opportunity for any of the pixxx sites....I mean fairytail and onepiece pixxx would really need some lovin. Or maybe a 3rd artist for this site or narutopixxx(I'd do it for absolutely free).
    17 Jun 2014 00:50
  • Xeos: Giving credit to myself for what? Requesting something that a lot of other people agreed with me on? Please, look at yourself. You're calling out on me a lot lately, and for what exactly? Yes, there are editors out there, so what? I requested that the original artist to make an alteration to one of his works, and he happily obliged. What's wrong with that?
    16 Jun 2014 23:02
  • Dildo Daggins: Sorry pal, Rex is getting worse and worse, his art is kinda okay because he draws Naruto, that is such a darker world. Bleach is more about really the fun of the thing, bright colors, characters with a strong sexuality from the get-go, and Rex wouldn't be able to reach pixxx like this one even if he sold his very soul to the devil. Of course, tjis is just my opinion, don't want to desrespectful, since Naruto and Bleach are two different worlds. Rex is okay for Naruto, and Lexus is PERFECT for Bl...
    each. Period. If they'd switch places, I don't know how good they would do. However, still my opinion, I vote for Lexus.
    16 Jun 2014 21:51
  • Kiddo: But you have to wonder why the mechanisms of this site can't allow more than one image per post. Considering that they are using WordPress, it shouldn't be that hard to tweak.
    16 Jun 2014 21:13
  • Kiddo: Dude stop trying to give credit to yourself. You do realize that some could have easily unofficially edited out the sun-tan-lines. What's your next request: Please change Yoruichi to rule63 Ichigo? Give me a break!
    16 Jun 2014 21:10
  • Kiddo: Dude, you shouldn't disrespect Rex just because he's isn't as active as you'd like. If Rex did some Bleach Artwork, trust me, he'd put Lexus to shame.
    16 Jun 2014 21:05
  • Peon: ok lexus you did it! i renewed my membership today because of this awesome pic and your incredibly art xD i just made a little soccer/football request (since we have the world cup at the moment) so would be cool if you could look after it ;)
    16 Jun 2014 17:00
  • EVA-013: My congratulation Lexus. HK officially got a new hentai-king and rex's era is over I guess that now even most rabid rex's fangirls wouldn't deny this obvious truth
    15 Jun 2014 20:38
  • Don: i like the version with the tan lines more but its awesome of lexus that he is willing to upload diffrent versions ^^ he is the first artist on pixxx sites with this i think
    15 Jun 2014 20:25
  • Xeos: I'm glad a lot of people agreed with me. The tan lines just didn't seem right for Yoruichi, seeing as she's already tanned all over her body, it didn't make sense.
    15 Jun 2014 19:25