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Bleach Beach: Beach Ball

Tags: Solo, Meninas Mcallon,

15 June 2014
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  • soullessrain: not sure if that's going to be Candice real hair color or if Kubo is just trolling which he likes to do. cause if Candice hair color was going to be the color green then don't you think he would have used shading in her hair?
    11 Jul 2014 12:41
  • Edwardnewgate: Nice work Joe, her face is sooo lovely...
    17 Jun 2014 21:21
  • Lexus: ah ! thanks for all those info~ ;)
    15 Jun 2014 18:52
  • Xeos: Your style seems to have changed, or gone back to how it was. I was liking your style similar to Lexus's, especially that Rangiku image was gorgeous. Please stick to that style.
    15 Jun 2014 15:56
  • Dildo Daggins: Her face is just so amazing! Beautiful job, Joe! But, as it has been told to Lexus, Meninas's body looks more like Orihime's, and the hair color, well... Some versions use one closer to purple, others to pink, but there's nothing sure. Glad to see new babes, anyways!
    15 Jun 2014 09:00
  • Arukado: Just further reference for you and Lexus, Joe: Kubo himself drew up a colored page that gave the colors for the Femritters, excluding Bambietta. Candice would be green hair/eyes, Giselle a somewhat blue shade, Meninas pink/magenta, and Liltotto blonde hair/golden eyes. And if the last color page is anything to go by-- Bambietta would be purple, somewhat, but that ones mostly been for debate and most still seem to prefer black. Great picture, however! I'm definitely glad to see some of the new...
    er characters receiving attention and being featured. :D
    15 Jun 2014 08:56