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Tags: Dildo, Matsumoto Rangiku, Solo, Masturbate, Wet Pussy,

11 June 2014
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  • joe: Thanks. There's still a waaay lot more room for me to improve though. Lexus' works are my baseline of quality for this anime stuff. And I still have lots more to improve on before I get there.
    13 Jun 2014 06:24
  • joe: Hmm. Thanks for that. Was trying to make it look and feel a bit softer and bouncy. I'll keep working on that.
    13 Jun 2014 06:22
  • joe: Could've been an unintended outcome. But glad you like it. :)
    13 Jun 2014 06:17
  • : Works lookin a lot like Ellerys. You've definitely improved:)
    13 Jun 2014 02:29
  • Biggie: 9/10 everything is perfect except the bottom part of the boobs they look kinda saggy ish like when you drew the fat vizard guy somewhat unnecessary lines
    11 Jun 2014 16:25
  • Xeos: Hands down by far your best image to date, absolutely faultless.
    11 Jun 2014 14:43
  • joe: Thanks.
    11 Jun 2014 13:47
  • joe: Are you kidding?! Lexus almost always has a 3 layer shade (or maybe more). Makes it look like an official anime art illustration. I like doing that but I wanted to stick to a minimal number of shade layers to stay close to the look of the ones you see on screen (like those screen capped images). But I'm glad you like it. I'll keep making these stuff better as time goes on. :)
    11 Jun 2014 13:46
  • Amamiya: The best nipples you've actually done ever. One thing I've noticed is that you put 2 layers of shading (where there are darker shading in certain parts of the skin). This is something even Lexus hasn't done on any of his images yet. So good job. And this is by far one of your best pics yet. The way you drew the boobs and nipples really sold this image for me. And the face looks delicious as well. The vagina looks well done too.
    11 Jun 2014 12:50
  • jorge.enrique.alvarez@hotmail.com: Excellent picture, I love her expression and looks very hot.
    11 Jun 2014 11:54