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Modified to be Naughty

Tags: Doggy, Urahara Kisuke, Ririn, Ass Spread,

8 March 2016
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  • joe: Thanks for the feedback. Regarding going to fairytailpixxx, I really haven't considered it since I'm enjoying doing stuff in fanpixxx and Lexus is better there anyways since it's one of the shows Lexus is very familiar with. And there are plans for a more unified site (though I don't know how that would work out yet since the admins are still talking it over) in the future. Maybe I will try fairytailpixxx at some time once I've thinned out the requests for me on both sites.
    10 Mar 2016 04:47
  • sabakunogaara: Nice picture Joe i don't know if my opinion count but it would be so much better if you had done only the below panel with she looking back and expression like above, this panel is awesome but, like you said well if was requested to be like that so be then speaking about it... you don't ought explanation to any member from where your requests came or which link was used and why the person requested to be like that, a request is a request it doesn't matter if the references came from the pixxxes,...
    google or from other sites there are no rule preventing the artists to accept links from other sites so, if i were you, i would stop explaining from where your requests references comes. If you are afraid of something do not accept the requests then it's simple as that. I don't know why you guys waste your times explaining from where your references came or why. One more thing have you consider going to fairytail? if not think about it you/lexus have a considerable amount of requests there and the site is abandoned, fairytail could really use your help with some updates. You-Lexus-Aidan should spend some time there too once while if not the adminstrators could hire at least one new artist to place there. I pretty sure they have some requests from talented artist to join HK the point is...why won't they hire? i kinda know the answer.
    8 Mar 2016 16:57