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Awakened Lust In Unknown Realm Of The Dead

Tags: Soi Fong, Halloween, Doggy Style, Doggy, Sui Feng, Standing Doggy,

11 November 2015
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  • Westes: Understandable. Thanks for being considerate, and again, I'll be more precise from now on. You've never played Ocarina of Time? I highly recommend it if you own either a 3DS, Wii or Wii U. Its sequel, Majora's Mask, is arguably better. You can buy and download them from Nintendo eShop. The 3DS ports are more expensive, but the N64 ones are pretty much just as good.
    16 Nov 2015 13:28
  • joe: That's alright. I just didn't really know how a Gibdo really looks like. Didn't even know what a Gibdo is until you included it in your request. Haha! Google references are mixed with fully face-bandaged ones and ones that have their faces shown. But that should be a quick fix, no problem. I'll update it once I'm done with the others.
    16 Nov 2015 12:18
  • Anon: You and Lexus always give Sui Feng these little tiny thongs and it makes her so hot!
    14 Nov 2015 06:45
  • Westes: Wow. Considering I already got a Halloween one from Lexus, I honestly didn't expect to see this one. Please forgive my rudeness, but I don't like the idea that the Gibdo's face isn't covered in bandages. I thought it was apparent when my sketch showed that it's face was covered. My bad. I need to explain better next time. I hope it's not too much to ask you to cover up it's face with only its eyes showing? BG looks really nice! Thank you very much Joe!
    11 Nov 2015 16:51