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Bleach Beach: Intoxicated

Tags: Solo, Orihime Inoue,

17 June 2014
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  • Raven: I think you need to work on mouths Joe... I think mouth is the reason the pics look kinda you know... why don't try giving them a smile or just look how Lexus draws that part...
    18 Jun 2014 05:54
  • shinigami: It's alright, but that left leg looks almost like a prosthesis
    18 Jun 2014 04:08
  • Kiddo: Why does her stomach look cut in half? Where are her sexy-abs and rip-cage. The side-nipple should have been a bit lower. And, unlike your recent previous images, you seem to abandon the the darker shading on the skin. Seeing as how you personally do your line-work, you should try studying bone-structure of the body and how it corresponds with the skin and flesh - so you can make better of your line and shading - to make things pop more.
    18 Jun 2014 03:12
  • chris: 1 problem, this so called hairstyle which looks like it comes from greece, this hairstyle is out of place and it doesnt feel right on her. I'm just one guy but i don't orihime is the right character to do hairstyle experiments on, is there a a chance for alternate version of this with her classic hair?
    18 Jun 2014 01:55
  • Edwardnewgate: Forgot the tanline again xD, btw Joe your last picture with meninas is pretty nice, i loved her sweet face dude.
    17 Jun 2014 21:03
  • 404: WOW!
    17 Jun 2014 20:59
  • john: Your coloring has improved and shading I suggest keeping it that way but. The boobs and the face really need work.
    17 Jun 2014 20:24