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Waiting for New Year

Tags: Dildo, Sarugaki Hiyori, Lesbian, Zabimaru, Saru, Strap On Dildo,

15 February 2016
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  • Mario: Listen mr.fair member I just quite wondering why do you complaining and write so long comments here when you didn't ask any request in the Bpixxx suggestion box ? What is your secret ?
    16 Feb 2016 18:02
  • joe: You are welcome.
    16 Feb 2016 15:30
  • joe: Thanks for this piece of info. The admins are still determining further steps to take regarding revamping/improving HK. It's not like we've already stopped looking into other ways to improve the sites. What was done regarding artist shuffle is just one of the first steps in executing a larger idea. It's just mainly so that us artists get variety when it comes to the images we do so we stay inspired and in turn, improve the quality of work. I'm sure better things will come along for HK.
    16 Feb 2016 15:29
  • joe: Is that so? Gee, I had no idea. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Although it could just be because what was done on the other site could be a more recent request than this one I did since this was on my old separate list. We'll take care to avoid multiple requests on all sites per member at any one time moving forward.
    16 Feb 2016 15:23
  • sabakunogaara: By the way this guy got two requests one here and another one from lexus on Sailormoonpixxx. Not that i'm pointing fingers but please guys pay some more attention, while some get 2-3+ requests others don't even get one... New members deserves their requests as well, you guys should give some more attention to the new members as well.
    15 Feb 2016 18:33
  • sabakunogaara: That's a good initiative Joe but i don't really think everyone is going to come back to 'repost' all those lost request. The queue list is getting filled again and half are spamers besides most already quit the sites for the lack of constantly updates and went request on another site, even I did it man... i'm just here cause my subs was for 3 months so i'll be around untill next month after that who knows. Besides there's a very famous site that is growing up more and more and alot members...
    from HK are there now(including me) i won't tell the name but is not whentai. The requests there are done very quickly and the artists do not switch sites. It's only one site but with different artists working for that site. I don't wanna be negative but if Hk want to bring more customers/members they need to do something fast cause artists. I really think they should merge all in Fanpixxx, but that's just my opinion and it's up to the manager to decide. If they think spliting sites and artists will be better, so be it then :).
    15 Feb 2016 18:30
  • Erebos: Looks great, Joe-san! Thank you very much!
    15 Feb 2016 17:02