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Tags: Kuchiki Rukia, Ass, Striptease, Solo, Tease, Ass View, Ecchi,

12 February 2016
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  • joe: Especially when I'm pressed for time. Hahaha!
    15 Feb 2016 02:38
  • joe: Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. I always take note of constructive feedbacks and don't worry, I never stop learning. There are new things I learn everyday and hope to apply on my works.
    15 Feb 2016 02:37
  • joe: You are welcome and I'm glad that you like it.
    15 Feb 2016 02:34
  • Rigobert16: Thanks, Joe, An amazing tease
    14 Feb 2016 13:13
  • Alex-Cross: I was a big fan of Hellery's art shame, really SHAME she left i miss her alot. The pixxxsites needs a female touch again.
    13 Feb 2016 00:36
  • Alex-Cross: The face is kinda odd compared to the Anime (i never read the manga) but the body is delicous man in fact...those three latest pictures the girls are pretty hot i'm begging to like your style too. I'm an old member from Hellery's time comming back for new requests i've mention about it on my description, some angles on your pictures are nice but other not much is more about faces, you have some kind of difficulty about drawing faces but you can make it better if you keep training harder. I've...
    read it on other site nd i tell you the same thing... "Keep this pattern for bodies but can be better, you have potential to become a top artist Joe" just do the best you can. As artist you still has alot to learn but as person you are a nice guy, though sometimes not everyone agree, but you ARE man unlike some other artists. Apologies for the long text.
    13 Feb 2016 00:34
  • Westes: Good to see these kind of images from time to time. Sometimes, simple is the best :)
    12 Feb 2016 14:31