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27 October 2015
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  • joe: K.
    29 Oct 2015 11:01
  • Be@st: You said so many words but still didn't answered on the main questions from members Where is lexus and Aidan when they come back ? Such things only make the pessimistic rumors and assumptions much stronger Actually right now everything look like lexus and Aidan left HK when rex took another long break as usual but HK trying to keep all this in secret for obvious reasons because if they'll be say the truth then many mad disappointed members may cancel their premium-accounts.
    28 Oct 2015 22:42
  • joe: This is getting old and I don't think anything I say would convince you. So I guess just keep waiting then - anyways, that's the only thing that any of us can do. I've said all that I know and that ends there. I wouldn't make conclusions just yet though because they could all be in some other HKey project, or taking a break, or taking time doing requests or whatnot. I've got stuff to do myself and I don't think I'd be productive if I keep answering things that don't even have basis yet. Cheers.
    28 Oct 2015 05:30
  • joe: Believe what you will guys. I'm not gonna convince you. I've already said what I know. And if that doesn't convince you, then just keep waiting for the other artists to make their statements as I can't speak for them. Like I said, admin hasn't made any announcement that needs immediate attention which would only mean there is no cause for concern. And even them don't see the need for such announcements. I don't think my comments "confirm" any rumors because if it did, it would actually state tha...
    t which it doesn't.
    28 Oct 2015 05:24
  • joe: I take no offense and really - believe what you want to believe. You can either believe the pessimistic rumors and assumptions or actually believe someone who is inside the HKey hierarchy and not just a member. That's up to you. When an artist leaves, admin notifies us because they would need replacements ASAP and would hold some kind of candidate poll (which is what happened with me and Lexus when Ellery was "officially announced to have left") for a new artist. If any artist indeed left, the a...
    dmins would already have been scrambling to find a replacement ASAP as it will hold up their business. Find the logic in that. As of now, there is no word from admin which would only mean that there is nothing that needs 'to be acted' on. So as I've said, you can either believe whatever or wait for the actual artist to make a statement or just sit tight. It's all up to you.
    28 Oct 2015 05:17
  • AlexIS: Nothing personal Joe but I would be like to hear the official annonce from HKey administration about all this situation about Lexus Aidan and now rex Where all those artists gone and when they gonna start to make new updates finally ? Your words as middlemen is not much better than rumor and as you said only word from the admin or from the actual artists worthy trust but you are not admins or lexus or Aidan or rex
    28 Oct 2015 04:39
  • EVA-013: The absence of any news replies and updates from artists for a while making members believe Lexus or any other artist is leaving HKey. How about official word from the admin or from the actual artists with specific information where are disappeared artists Lexus and Aidan right now what they are doing and when going to come back ? Only such things may stop these rumors! But if here haven't any info from artists that's must mean HK just can't contact with them but if HK can't contact with artists...
    then how they know that those artists still with HKey ? You know few years ago we had exactly the same situation with Ellery - any news and updates from her during very long time till admins confirmed rumors Ellery left HK. And now we have two good friends Aidan and lexus suddenly stop make any updates on their sites and now HK can't contact with them and have no idea what they do right now and their currents plans Sorry Joe but your comments only keeping to confirm rumors
    27 Oct 2015 17:53
  • Don: The point is (and you can't know that) ellery just disapeared and there were no informations from the admins for weeks and then "oh yea he kinda left HK sry bros" so this is what i call "bad business". If you don't give the members some statement they will deffenetly think the same happened again and who would blame them? And to be fair most of the members pay to see either rex or lexus work, so telling the people why they don't get what they payed for is pretty normal i guess.
    27 Oct 2015 15:57
  • joe: As I've mentioned, if there is no official word from the admin or from the actual artists, then any rumor is just that - a rumor. Making our members believe otherwise is just bad business. And I don't think WE made members believe Lexus or any other artist is leaving HKey.
    27 Oct 2015 15:29
  • Don: for me its perfectly ok if lexus takes some time of (everybody needs some holydays) but it would have been nice if we were informed about this because everything else will lead to wild assumptions and some members may quit.
    27 Oct 2015 15:19