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We are currently doing some updates with the server. This in turn would disable us from making any image uploads temporarily. We have a few images waiting to be uploaded and will be uploaded as soon as the maintenance is completed. We're sorry for any delay and assure you we are doing our best to keep things going. Thanks for understanding. Keep you requests coming!

27 October 2015
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  • joe: Errr, I think the "current" situation was mentioned. Though I get what you mean. Understand that we artists only get news of any update on the blog when the admin cascades these information. In other times, we just find out that something's up when we do some uploads. Take note that we don't handle the server side/maintenance of the blog so we're not the first ones to know something's up. We're only responsible for organizing requests, doing them and uploading them and to reply to members' comme...
    nts. We're not the official admins that have complete access to the site - we're basically just the middlemen. I hope that clarifies things. ***PS - It's looking like the site is going back to normal. But we're still monitoring it for any issues.
    27 Oct 2015 15:22
  • Celto: Why is it that every time something like this happens, we only get notified after a week or two of silence? As admins, you should be keeping everyone updated on the "current" situation.
    27 Oct 2015 05:10
  • Don: some informations what is with lexus would be nice
    27 Oct 2015 01:27