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Shinigami Women's Medical Mission

Tags: Kurotsuchi Nemu, Kuchiki Rukia, Soi Fong, Matsumoto Rangiku, Soi Fon, Sui Feng, Nurse Costume, Group,

4 September 2016
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  • joe: That's one thing I will definitely consider. I haven't seen most episodes so I guess there is still guess-work for me regarding their heights.
    6 Sep 2016 16:15
  • joe: Thanks. I will see if I have extra time to do another version.
    6 Sep 2016 16:14
  • Thobias: Awesome art Joe! Many of my favourite girls :) Possible if you can do a version of them with pubes?
    5 Sep 2016 07:46
  • Westes: Really appreciate the multiple characters, but the thing to keep in mind when drawing a line-up pic like this is character heights. While Rukia/Sui-Féng and Rangiku/Nemu have similar heights, one of the pairs is supposed to be quite taller/shorter than the other.
    5 Sep 2016 06:41