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15 September 2015
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  • Lexus: <strong>Your name seemed to be removed from the list of april, I am not sure why, Im just drawing pics according to date, except from people with multiple request of the same month. There are LOTS of requests here that I CANNOT keep track on, but i THANK YOU for the reminder, since I DO remember you have a request from April. I'm like 5 pics away from finishing the April batch, of course will prioritize yours NOW since you havent had any request done for April, and I forgot when u did that reque...
    st because your name was remove, it was supposed to be my mark. Thanks again for the heads up! I apologize that you seemed to be left out on the list for whatever reason.
    17 Sep 2015 17:06
  • Kirito-Kun: Sorry for this comment and I'll try my best to not be rude and also it will be probably long so i ask apologies for the long text now let's go, Okay Lexus sorry to say that but i think i'm playing fool over here. I've posted my request on April expecting it would be done shortly, as it wasn't then i quit the site without say anything not even a complaint if you find any comment from me about complaint before you "Shout Out" for me feel free to let me know. So i came without complain and repos...
    ted another request from your April's bath to be done shortly according you... This one was posted month 07 July, i kept waiting and posted a couple notes to you just remiding and kept waiting so far NOTHING of my request 2 months has passed since i reposted my 'to be done shortly' request and still NOTHING. So i'm here again but this time i'll be going straight to the point because i'm really really TIRED of playing fool on the Hentaikey pixxx sites. I'll give you a week(a fair deadline) counting from this comment on for you to fulfill my request. After that i'm leaving the site with or without my request. I do know you have your personal issues just like me, him or anybody else, i do know you guys receives TONS of requests per month but PLEASE, to wait FIVE months or more for one request we shall agree that's too much time to draw one artpiece don't you think? If you brought me here to play dumb/fool or to leech my money i'm so sorry but i cannot entertain you and i no longer have cash to be leeched by this site. With all that said have a nice day.
    17 Sep 2015 13:57
  • joe: Thanks. It was just some random idea since I can't think of a design for her undies.
    17 Sep 2015 08:44
  • joe: I agree. I try to do some unrequested/unpopular characters from time to time.
    17 Sep 2015 08:43
  • joe: True. And less work. Hahaha!
    17 Sep 2015 08:42
  • joe: Gee, thanks! Greatly appreciate that. I'll try not to disappoint on your request. :)
    17 Sep 2015 08:41
  • joe: Okie Dokies. We'll take note of that. Thanks for giving us a heads up!
    17 Sep 2015 08:40
  • Westes: The background is kinda irrelevant most of the time anyway (no offence), so these kind of images don't really need one in particular. But don't make it a habit, now :)
    16 Sep 2015 03:32
  • Troyxxx: HELLOOOO SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS BUT THIS IS PROBABLY THE FIFITH TIME I TRY TO POST A COMMENT FOR THIS SITE!!! Now that i have your artists attention i've submited two requests one for lexus with Sode no Shirayuki and Zangetsu date 2015-09-12 00:48:22 and one for Joe with Arrancar girldate 2015-09-12 01:18:56 on a BLANK MEMBER NAME. Just to keep this comment short them are mine 'Troyxxx'. PLEASE REMEMBER that when accepting and posting my request thank you.
    16 Sep 2015 00:52
  • Noodles: Really nice picture Joe i just loved, i loved SO MUCH this picture that you made me to buy a new premium specially to submit a request for you with her XDDD. I hope you can draw it soon so i can enjoy(and fap haha) my request cuz before my premium ends i intend to drop another one for you with her again. Really nice work with her face no matter what other people says for me and many others it's a 10/5 stars picture believe me XD.
    15 Sep 2015 23:56
  • koy: aye seconded, sexy but simple also, as they say in marketing: "less is more"
    15 Sep 2015 18:34
  • UzumakiFan: I like it good work with her face and character Joe she's barely requested. Is nice to see some different faces there's too much Inoue, Karin and Harribel around.
    15 Sep 2015 17:21
  • Hydrogen: Well, I like it. It's sexy and quite funny because of her panties.
    15 Sep 2015 15:28