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Posting Problems/Halloween REQUESTS

Hello! We currently are experiencing some kind of technical difficulties when posting pics. Hopefully this get fixed soon. BTW, October will have the Halloween crossover theme as always, BUT we do our requests in chronological order, which means we most probably wont be able to DO all the Halloween themed request by OCTOBER. Now here's the DEAL, as members Let us know IF you want US artists to PRIORITIZE Halloween themed request, just for the month of October, and after that we'll go to our regular schedule for members requests.You can also drop your previous requests and make it a Halloween one, just let us know right away. We will decide by the number of votes and stars if that plan will continue on next month, if we get less votes and stars then we will proceed as usual with your requests. Thank you! PS comments are actually off.. for some reason i cant change them because of the problem at the site.

17 September 2015
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