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Volume 6: Jackie Tristan

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9 September 2015
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  • Deathstroke: Hello lexus i've left my halloween request for you too i know is everything alright but just to confirm if you have received please? like i mention i used text save because of the multiple links. And one more thing, i think i mention about that but i've created a new account and removed thes '**' from my nick and also because my login(on previous one) had a very sensitive information that i rather not to share. Hope you understand. Just to clarify the things for you and before someone comes h...
    ere to claim that 'I'm switching my username for multiple/spam requests'(you do know how the trolls are right). As you can see my email is the same and i guess my ip too.
    12 Sep 2015 21:52
  • Westes: That's EXACTLY what I want. Members should be able to manage their own requests. It could make it a lot easier for the artists to browse through their list in order to find old requests that have yet to be fulfilled. Well, assuming you/they don't have another personal request system from what we see on the pixxx sites. I'm not gonna say who, but over at Narutopixxx, there's a guy who has posted over 102 requests since this new system was installed. Except from 1, all of them are the SAME requ...
    est. He has even tried to tag them with different female characters who aren't even in the request. What a mess! He was clearly impatient for waiting a long time, but the request is now fulfilled. If the artists don't have the time, or recall which requests are OK to delete, why not leave it to the member who posted it/them? I mentioned this over at Narutopixxx, but you should also make a "status" column on the queue-list. That way, you'll be able to inform members whether the request is still waiting, in progress or finished, so if we do get the ability to manage and delete our own requests, we won't delete or deprioritize those you are currently working on. That would just be a waste of your time.
    12 Sep 2015 11:08
  • Lexus: <strong>hello there, :) ill do the revisions soon :) the new suggestion form is great as it helps us sort out everything from members name to their IP. I, unfoirtunately, have decided to do all request in chronological order, but no worries about spam from the same person since i did mention way back that people with multiple request will get their other request done when im n=done with the month's batch. I do like the idea of maximum of 2 request for members per month so they wont have a lot o...
    f pics pending and waiting for. We could have that but it'll take some time for the programmer to make it possible, so for now, i'll stick with the current process. ouch for naruto artists.. :( It should also be up to the members to regulate their requests since there are a lot of them and just 1-2 artist to take care of it..
    12 Sep 2015 00:44
  • DraG: More Yoruichi, please.
    11 Sep 2015 19:01
  • S.Star: Your artwork is so damn amazing Lexus.
    11 Sep 2015 01:42
  • Deathstroke: With you i go for naughty forever honey hehe, nice picture lexus i'm glad you are putting more details on the girls like nails polish for fingers and feet(when you are able) keep up, anything that will make the female look better and sexier are welcome. Now just a word about the queue list... I took a peek on the 'queue list' and it's a great addition to the site finally the members are able to view where are the requests and at least WE KNOW it was received, the only problem is that you guys...
    have alot, A LOT SPAM in there 70% are spammed, 2-5 more request from the same person. I don't know how you guys are able to sort that lol specially you that receives like 80% of them. I think the site manager should do something about that specially the SPAM requests, in my opinion it should be allowed members to post TWO request maximum no more than that. The best thing they could do is ask you guys artists to make a queue list and delete all the rest to get you guys a fresh new list or you will never be able to catch up the requests and them will keep increasing and increasing over and over. PS:Naruto has almost 2k requests no wonder why they take so long to fulfill the requests there
    10 Sep 2015 22:14
    10 Sep 2015 15:41
  • Westes: I prefer nice, but a hint of naughty ain't too bad either.
    10 Sep 2015 08:48
  • BladeBreaker: Beautiful!!! Naughty for sure!
    10 Sep 2015 08:42
  • Celto: This is amazing, but that logo is way too big.
    10 Sep 2015 05:11
  • Hentaifan: Great pic! please remember my request Lexus.
    10 Sep 2015 01:21
  • PinkHair: JESUS F**KING CHRIST! I CAN BE NAUGHTY ALL DAY! SPANK ME!!! SPANK ME HARD!!! Great work Lexus! I love these volume themes.
    10 Sep 2015 00:41
  • Jear: Awesome! Jackie looks so tempting and gorgeous.
    9 Sep 2015 23:36