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Tags: Nude, Soft Porn, Cyan Sung-Sun, Solo, Softcore,

9 September 2015
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  • joe: No prob. I'll take note of everything. :)
    15 Sep 2015 14:17
  • Common: I believe not but you can turn slightly the girl's faces to us, as if them were looking to us. For a small modification to not look alike the reference too much. And again please forgive me about the trouble man i hate to 're-do' the things too specially on my job and i think you are same as me. This ain't gonna again i promisse, even if i have to split my next request between 50 posts.
    12 Sep 2015 06:03
  • Westes: It is early, it's just that I don't think I can expect it to be done if I already get a request done in September. But whether you decide to work on the Halloween request now or in October, please post it only sometime in October. I think it would be inappropriate otherwise. OK, then. I'll post a request or two for Halloween soon.
    11 Sep 2015 13:10
  • joe: Hahaha. I'm actually just about to this coming week. Good thing you let me know this early. Put your request in as soon as you can so I can deal with it sooner. Though don't you think it's a bit early to be requesting Halloween themed pics? In any case, I'll look out for your updated request. So to make it clear, I'll not do that request you put in textsave that was addressed to me and Lexus, right? You can do another textsave request if you want. :)
    11 Sep 2015 10:45
  • Westes: Joe, are you working on my request? I would actually like you to put it on hold, because I'd like to make a request for halloween this October, and I hope you'd consider drawing it. If you are working on my request and have come far into it, I don't blame you for not stopping.
    10 Sep 2015 09:41
  • joe: You will see it in a few days - hopefully next week. I have it pinned on my worklist and I'll start on it when I'm done with the others. Hopefully, next time you put in all the details on your request so it doesn't eat up too much time editing the stuff and whatnot. It does take time starting it again from scratch as there are 4 people on the scene and some few other works Lexus and I have to tend to. If you have anymore "revisions" you want done, this would be a good time to let me know.
    10 Sep 2015 05:35
  • Common: Heya Joe sorry to be nagging but i'm just wondering how long you going to take to finally edit my request. If you don't know i'm still paying the subscription waiting for the modification. I greatly appreciate if you can tell me if you will or not work on my request(the one with Jackie and Riruka) because i feel i'm wasting my time and cash for 'nothing'. I expect your reply
    9 Sep 2015 17:15