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9 September 2015
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  • Westes: I probably wouldn't know about it either if it weren't for hentai movies. There is also 中出し (naka-dashi) which means cumming inside/creampie.
    10 Sep 2015 08:21
  • joe: Originally thought that was an Italian word like "paisano". Hahaha! Didn't know that word 'til now. Maybe we should start making japanese word tags too - if we ever know any, that is.
    10 Sep 2015 05:29
  • joe: Thanks for your feedbacks. It does help. Although those things you pointed out were specific to the requester's well, request and their references.
    10 Sep 2015 05:26
  • G90: Given the size of her breasts in the manga, I do not think she could practice a paizuri. xD But regardless, it is a good image! That said, in my opinion the main fault in your drawings is the face: I think you draw the eyes too small and too rounded nose. The proportions are sometimes strange. For example, the latest drawing ChadXYuzu: Yuzu seems larger than Chad, while it is supposed to be huge Or the penis in "Horny Inoue's Wish" that seem as big as Inoue's arms. Anyway, I hope that my...
    "review" will not be taken wrong and help you improve yourself, Joe. Keep it up ! O/
    9 Sep 2015 14:09
  • Westes: Wow, what a lovely paizuri!
    9 Sep 2015 12:55