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Happy Valentine's!

Tags: Boobs, Valentine's Day, Happy Valentines Day, Kusajishi Yachiru, Solo, Special,

17 February 2016
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  • hentaikey_com: I guess you people are not alone my request disappear from queue list and i just resend again so far nobody said anything about that. Though's everything in order with others i wonder if the issue is for this site only.
    19 Feb 2016 19:38
  • sabakunogaara: I would like to know the same deathstroke i've posted a request for Lexus a couple weeks ago and it's now gone, it seems to be some kind of issue with the suggestion box for Bpixxx only. Because requests for the other sites seems to be okay. You guys artists should notify the administrators about that issue or people will think they are deleting requests on purpose.
    18 Feb 2016 19:39
  • joe: Thank you. And yeah, I plan to make more images in that style.
    18 Feb 2016 17:34
  • Deathstroke: Simple question for Joe/Lexus... why my request has gone again from the queue list for the 3° time?
    17 Feb 2016 21:04
  • Don/fish1337: would like to see more characters in that style it really looks good
    17 Feb 2016 20:40
  • Westes: First Himawari on Narutopixxx, and now Yachiru. This is a great start of the year for loli lovers. Disclaimer: I have nothing against loli. It sometimes works for me, too.
    17 Feb 2016 15:16