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Tags: Boobjob, Cumshot, Gangbang, Cum Swallow, Haruko,

22 May 2014
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  • Kiddo: I suggest these things because of my faith in you art.
    23 May 2014 08:06
  • Kida: Are all of you non-request pictures gang-bangs? lol Anyway they're great keep up the good work :3
    23 May 2014 03:55
  • yurai: Lexus hello, wanted to know if you know how can I make an account is that its a lot like you ar any one ideas translate ke would have honored that the conduct
    22 May 2014 19:23
  • Lexus: <strong>thanks! and ow..wow now that u mentioned it.. it does..it looked more like a plastic mushroom, omg. i'll do what i can with the BG, i wanted a BG that suits every occasion and since i dont watch bleach, im having a hard time making up bleach related BG that will suit the situation..aside from ichigo's room.. or ichigo's.. house anyway, thank you for your input, ill work on that
    22 May 2014 10:35
  • Tits!!!!: (o.o)
    22 May 2014 09:19
  • Kiddo: Lexus, I just want to say that you are a blessing to this site. If only members/non-members could have a way to donate cash directly to you (like in restaurants - equivalent to giving "tips"). One of the flaws in this image is the dick on the left looks a bit plastic. Vein marks would have helped I think. Lastly, if you could make the background with less glows with color gradients, but with "Bleach" themed scenes that are affiliated with the character.
    22 May 2014 05:29