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My New Bitch

Tags: Ass, Doggystyle, Kurotshuchi Nemu, Assview, Genryūsai Yamamoto,

23 May 2014
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  • Koe: Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit opinions. All you do on every video is post something stupid. There is a difference of being a picky bastard and literally giving good constructive criticism fuck off idiot.
    26 May 2014 16:45
  • Loverboy: He also burned Harribel's fraction to a crisp and they're fine as is her in HM, so never say never.
    25 May 2014 07:56
  • Kiddo: Great image.
    24 May 2014 16:50
  • seishun: perfect idea and draw!! amazing lexus!!
    24 May 2014 05:42
  • Zarak: Bankai! Ryujin Jakka!
    24 May 2014 02:57
  • Me: Dawg, he literally got his body blown up and disintegrated into nothing. He's about as dead as you can get.
    23 May 2014 22:05
  • Xeos: It's good, but it looks like her body doesn't join up. Her butt is fine but from there it looks like her body has twisted and that her body curves really awkwardly to meet up with her butt, but you can't see that due to the position. You'll be pleased to know you nailed the breasts. x'D
    23 May 2014 12:10
  • : Good Picture.
    23 May 2014 10:42
  • Loverboy: Am I the only one who thinks that Genryusai-dono is not dead and will come back to reclaim his office after the battle is won?
    23 May 2014 09:43