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Like What You See?

Tags: Sexy Hentai, Hentai, Nude, Bleach Hentai, Matsumoto Rangiku, Nude.bleachbabes, Bleachnude, Footjob, Pov,

29 August 2014
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  • Wood: I would say 2 and 5
    31 Aug 2014 00:41
  • Kiddo: Here are some possibilities: 1.) He quit HentaiKey and plans on creating his own site with his own rules. 2.) He's on vacation (probably having some sex with some hot female otaku). 3.) His life has hit him hard and doesn't have the time for drawing. 4.) Is probably having a difficult time creating one particular request. 5.) Probably plans on posting a huge batch of Bleach art on a particular date. 6.) Dissatisfied with the money HentaiKey gives him, so he quits. 7.) Dislikes drawing...
    Bleach and wants to draw for another site but HentaiKey refuses, so he quits. 8.) wHENTAI.com probably caught his eye, so he decides to quit HentaiKey. 9.) Lexus committed suicide or he died from natural causes. 10.) Lexus is in prison for something illegal. 11,) Ellery is coming back, and they are moving Lexus to another site (hence the lack of updates)
    30 Aug 2014 21:43
  • 404: Good!
    29 Aug 2014 16:32
  • random: so.... where's lexus?
    29 Aug 2014 13:57