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Bending Like A Pretzel

Tags: Hardcore, Kukaku Shiba, Hardcore Hentai, Shiba Kuukaku, Hardfuck,

27 August 2014
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  • : Where's Lexus though?
    29 Aug 2014 11:28
  • Xeos: That spread ass is beautiful, it's a really well drawn pic even if you are ill. Get better soon man. 10/10
    28 Aug 2014 09:52
  • : That ass spread is beautiful. 10/10 Joe.
    28 Aug 2014 09:51
  • Ichimaru the fox: I think that if she has the false arm it is very distracting
    28 Aug 2014 06:20
  • otakugene: Well hey man it looks great with or without the prothetic.
    28 Aug 2014 01:50
  • wow: Joe, honestly you've improved a lot since you started here! This is your second pic which i couldn't tell if it was drawn by you or lexus. Great work man, and keep it up! :)
    27 Aug 2014 21:54
  • Ricky: Why does she have two arms? Kukaku's right arm is missing. In the manga she's shown with just a bandage-wrapped stump, but in the anime she's shown with a wooden prosthesis. I'm not complaining, I'm just letting you know in case you weren't aware of it. I'll just pretend this is in her younger days or something. I'm unable to see the fullsized version as I'm not a member, but it looks good even though you aren't feeling so hot. Keep it up, Joe, and I hope you feel better.
    27 Aug 2014 20:03
  • : This. Is. Beautiful. That's all there is to say about this one. Oh, and I think people wouldn't mind if she was drawn with a real right arm as well as a prosthetic one. Just focus on getting better Joe.
    27 Aug 2014 18:49