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Tags: Missionary Style, Couch, Ichibē Hyōsube, Orihime Inoue,

12 August 2015
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  • joe: I'd like to but I've been juggling a few things here and there. I do watch the show though I'm only at episode 50 I think. And I've been obsessing with Seinen shows lately - Ghost in the Shell. I will find to catch up with the manga so I can relate better with members and their requests.
    13 Aug 2015 11:56
  • joe: Gullible question coming up --- Really?!
    13 Aug 2015 11:55
  • joe: Thanks for the feedback. We realize your concern regarding personal sensitive information and we're confident our site is secure when it comes to that. After all, the only information Lexus and I see is the name of the requester - that's it. No hacker would have access to any member's personal information (including the PW) as that is kept internally. I'd like to reiterate - it's only your usernames, registered emails and IP's that are visible to us artists. You can be confident your information...
    is secure.
    13 Aug 2015 11:54
  • Sasuke -fms-: He's not that great. Only appeared few chapters and died without any development He getting many requests is a mistery to me
    13 Aug 2015 04:04
  • zbober: Nice pic and good idea with the suggestion box. Hopefully the other pixxx sites will do the same.
    13 Aug 2015 01:29
  • UzumakiFan: Cool picture. Now for the system i find it great only issue as i already said is to have our logins exposed to millions of strangers every untill we have our account hacked because some people may have sensitive information they wouldn't share with other than artists. That makes me to think adding a second option where we could use a nickname to be posted along our requests would be perfect but they forgot that detail. I don't know about others but as my membership already expired if I join s...
    ite again I'll create a new account with a login name that can be exposed and not sensitive. Though you guys(Lexus and Joe) do realize it WILL NOT get rid of comments like 'everybody is edwardnewgate', 'cheater', 'here comes another one from...'. Fortunally you guys are smart enough to see that 'not everyone who has similar tastes are same'. And that's what makes Bleachpixxx the best pixxxsite in a matter of consideration, dedication and communication.
    13 Aug 2015 00:32
  • quincy girl pixxx: He isn't a great character he's the best character.
    12 Aug 2015 16:11
  • rukia70: why not catch up joe, with how short bleach chapters are you could catch up in a day if you've finished the aizen arc at least
    12 Aug 2015 13:44