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Finally I Can Dominate You

Tags: Bondage.bdsm, Bondage, Pussy Finger, Nnoitra, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, Ballgag, Glilga,

12 August 2015
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  • S.Star: DAMN AMAZING!!!! I've always been a fan of this pairing. This is probably one of the hottest pics you've done Lexus :)
    16 Aug 2015 20:57
  • UzumakiFan: I predict a WONDERFULL image comming from this one :D
    15 Aug 2015 00:44
  • Natanek: Lol, that's not really encouraging. I'm struggling and I'm not near that level. Good for you man :).
    14 Aug 2015 17:27
  • Lexus: <strong>no problem!An average of one year i guess.. is tarted digital drawings not so long ago, i had no knowledge in photoshop but when you're really interested on what you're doing, you'll learn faster.
    14 Aug 2015 17:15
  • Natanek: thank you very much for doing my request, Lexus. It looks really awesome :) I have a question. How much (and what kind of) practice it takes to reach that level in digital art?
    14 Aug 2015 14:16
  • Kuchiyose No Jutsu: Domo :). I've read a few comments and i know you like Rukia just as i do, so let's work with her. Rukia and Ichigo dressed as this picture http://bleachpixxx.com/2014/12/05/you-make-me-so-hot/ she wearing same dress and shoes. Position on the floor like here http://animatedpornblog.com/galleries/jiggly-girls/hentai/images/sheryl-nome-hentai.jpg Her breasts are exposed and her hand near her pussy as if spread(i think that's how we say) you don't need to draw full Ichigo's body for a better...
    and bigger view of her, her expression can be like the girl on the image position reference. Thanks you.
    13 Aug 2015 19:32
  • Lexus: <strong> Thank you!
    13 Aug 2015 16:20
  • Lexus: <strong>Thanks!
    13 Aug 2015 16:00
  • Lexus: <strong>Sure :)
    13 Aug 2015 15:57
  • GoP: Fantastic job! Her tit size is absolutely perfect on this one, you've nailed it!
    13 Aug 2015 04:41
  • coreza121: Yay more Nelliel, great work as always Lexus!
    13 Aug 2015 03:51
  • zbober: Love this pairing!
    13 Aug 2015 01:28
  • Kuchiyose No Jutsu: Konnichiwa Lexus-San ogenkidesuka(how are you doing). Just wondering if may i turn back on my decision and send my request a new one by the comment section as you asked last time? I feel submiting a request to you now.
    13 Aug 2015 00:45
  • spike1941: Great bondage style, good work Lexus.
    12 Aug 2015 14:02