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Return Of Arturo

By Request from 7SinsOmen: Seeing how there is nothing of Arturo Plateado yet, was thinking maybe have him and Matsuri Kudo in same picture, like in http://41d863d3416fd59.bleachpixxx.hentaikey.com/post/finally-i-can-dominate-you#post : Expect Matsuri in Nel's place and Arturo Nntoira's.

Characters: Arturo Plateado, Matsuri Kudo,

Tags: Bondage.bdsm, Fingering, Bleachpixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

17 December 2019
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  • kumekazu: It was a nice request, i liked that game but i forgot about those characters.
    22 Dec 2019 02:27
  • 7SinsOmen: On the sidenote, loving this! While I admit, I did like some of the Bambiette's friends (namely thunderbolt and power), Matsuri = Best Girl. : 3 And since Arturo haven't had any spotlight here, well... Thought I'd commission this. : 3
    19 Dec 2019 12:22
  • 7SinsOmen: Ayep! Arturo was also in Wii play "Shattered Blades" but I prefer personally his 3rd Phantom counterpart.
    19 Dec 2019 12:02
  • kumekazu: Nice, those are from a DS game right?
    17 Dec 2019 21:18