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Unexpected Couple

Tags: Stark, Missionary Style, Coyote Stark, Haruko,

21 July 2015
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  • joe: Glad you liked it. Enjoy! :)
    28 Jul 2015 19:50
  • Chicka: What an unexpected pleasant surprise ! After reading all comments here I really didn't expect to see my request in this month but today I visited this site and guess what ? My request been done already Yeah !!! Thanks a lot Joe for such great service and for high quality artwork
    26 Jul 2015 18:27
  • joe: Sorry. My first time to draw him. I'll improve on that.
    23 Jul 2015 18:49
  • zbober: Haruko looks good, but Stark's head looks weird.
    23 Jul 2015 01:26
  • Lexus: <strong>then ill have to follow up with them regarding the issue once more. Maybe this is something beyond fixing?
    22 Jul 2015 05:05
  • legacy: That's understandable, but this has been a problem that's not been fixed since even before you and Lexus started working here. Personally, I think it has something to do with the new layout as all the dates were correct before the site was upgraded.
    22 Jul 2015 04:18
  • Lexus: <strong>Admins haven't yet notified us about the issue, I'm sure they are still figuring it out, the blog has been very buggy lately, even some comments goes to spam, even though there's no link.
    21 Jul 2015 23:31
  • legacy: The issue with the dates of old images being messed up is still not fixed. It's affecting images from http://bleachpixxx.com/page/143/ to http://bleachpixxx.com/page/112/ It starts with an image that was posted on February 24th 2011, then skips all the way to an image posted in October, yet Ellery wasn't around back then. Admins need to fix this.
    21 Jul 2015 23:08