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Tags: Bleachbabes, Lesbian, Assview, Licking, Riruka Dokugamine, Nozomi Kujō,

27 January 2015
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  • Lexus1Fan: Lol, well its up to the artist she/he might answered...i dont see any problem about it Ellery never hide she was a famle and besides i think Lexus may be a famale. I saw a comment on a site saying ''support HER work on bleachpixxx''. And the reason that makes me think Lexus its a female 1-treats everyone pretty nice (except now she/he didnt reply me =p), 2-98% of the pictures done by lexus are very well done and detailed (specially when drawing female clothes like heels and vaginas) and also she...
    s the most detailer over all the pixxxartists. Like i said its up to you if you wanna keep it a secret, just please let us know, it wont hurts :).
    29 Jan 2015 17:31
  • Lexus: <strong> no prob~! im glad u like it~!
    29 Jan 2015 12:36
  • Sj: The other pix above should be remade by Lexus and Joe.
    29 Jan 2015 04:01
  • Lexus: <strong>We were told its okay on rare occasions :3
    29 Jan 2015 01:46
  • 840reamit: Been asked before by a dozen people; methinks Lexus is like good ol' Zone-sama, and would prefer to keep that a secret. (except for the bit where he's male, and actually RedMinus.)
    28 Jan 2015 19:57
  • Shussy: Hey Lexus, I was wondering what your policy is on male solos? Are they fine here as well?
    28 Jan 2015 17:47
  • Lexus1Fan: Lexus if may i ask are you female?
    28 Jan 2015 16:50
  • WakeUpKiva: Oh yeah! I miss Riruka! Such beautiful body and tits!
    28 Jan 2015 06:51
  • Blaise: Amazing as always Lexus!
    28 Jan 2015 02:08
  • GoP: Sweeet! I love Nozomi, she's so cute
    27 Jan 2015 20:18
  • Westes: Wow! Brilliant artwork indeed, Lexus! Those girls really are cute. Thank you for doing my request!
    27 Jan 2015 18:27