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8 March 2015
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  • Lexus: <strong>I do try drawing it differently, and i took ur advice before about the appearance of the pussies and all..i draw the ,male organs differently from time to time.. like a different type.. if u can remember some of the gangbang images. Will try and mprove on it in the future works! thanks for the constructive criticism as always! Detailed explanation is always appreciated.
    10 Mar 2015 19:14
  • arturo,: it seems that, these, obsessed with Orihime, because boring if it's good to have variety of girls, so called, bleachpixx because bleach is all not alone. 3 personajed
    10 Mar 2015 15:52
  • Don: i have no problem with rare characters as long as the pic has something special but this one and many others in the last time just lack of creativity and love for example: The Most Powerful Trio Part 2 would have been exactly the same pic we already have from ellery and from lexus but the watherfall he added gave the pic some nice touch but maybe i am just spoiled from rex work, rex was gone for 4-5 days and returend with 6-7 pics some with not so popular characters some with more popula...
    r characters so everybody was fine with it but waiting days to only see a pic with some pretty unpopular characters ( i say that because they are rarely requested from the members what means only of few wants to see them) is just not really satisfying and this is just a gues but maybe lexus would have more fun drawing for another pixxx site (i can rember that he originaly wanted to draw for fairy tail i think) but i could be wrong with that and i hope he will find his passion again and we will see many good pics in the future^^
    9 Mar 2015 15:24
  • Celto: Lexus does exceedingly well with the girls facial expressions. I can't fault them for looking seductive, shy and whatever else you'd get from looking at them. That said, he does need to improve on drawing the sexual organs. Both the penises and pussies always look too over sized and often look like they won't fit into each other.Take a look at the bottom right corner of the image where Loly is being penetrated as an example of what I'm saying. Another thing to note is that not every penis...
    and pussy will look the exact same. You may think "Oh, it's only hentai, what does it matter?" Go and look at various pieces of Ellery's work and you'll see what I mean. The sexual organs for both genders always were draw differently, be it size, shape and color. I do hope Lexus, that you'll take some of this into consideration as constructive criticism for the next time you draw images for the site.
    9 Mar 2015 10:25
  • random: rip bleachpixxx
    9 Mar 2015 05:22
  • WakeUpKiva: Nice to see those hot Arrancar babes again. Loly is much better with C or D cups!
    9 Mar 2015 04:40
  • : Can't see
    9 Mar 2015 04:21
  • Entity: And your successful artist website is where?
    9 Mar 2015 01:56
  • Kami: How is this boring? Would you rather see Orihime, Rangiku, or Yoruichi, who each have many thousands of pics already on the internet? Yeah that would be super exciting. Rare characters like these are boring I guess.. I certainly see no problem with the positions. Missionary and doggy style may be common, but there are two chicks getting fucked in this, which is something we don't see often. I'll agree that Lexus does not post enough, or at least not consistently enough, but your complaints...
    otherwise hold no merit.
    9 Mar 2015 01:16
  • Don: a little bit disapointing waiting 3 days again and again to only see borring characters like this in positions we saw nearly 100 times now
    8 Mar 2015 23:54