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Tags: Bleachbabe, Unohana Retsu, Hardfuck, Shunsui Kyōraku', Ahegao, Standing Doggy,

29 January 2015
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  • Lexus: <strong> Hello there, Im sorry, i havent seen ur request on the wall :( thanks for letting us know though, so just repost it and let us know right away so we can put it on our workload this month! thank you!
    3 Feb 2015 06:51
  • Usagi: Lexus his art is impressive as ever &lt;3 . Too my request has been waiting since June, I hope not forget it, Riruka ago more missing.
    30 Jan 2015 10:47
  • Don: naruto pixxx has more updates the last 3 months so yea thats better but in terms of character variation bleach pixxx beats naruto AND one big plus: lexus does pics with more then 2 characters, rex only does 1on1 pics (maybe 1 group pic every 2 months)
    30 Jan 2015 02:14
  • EVA-013: Eddy what's up You call me a rex cocksuccer but I don't change my nick in Rex1Fan as you did mister Legendary asslicker aka cocksuccer Your fantasies hallucinations on whole different level than anyone here. You had the talk with the web administer of pixxxsites and they are going to close the comments for non-members but this it won't be problem for me and they will be add more pixxxsites special for and it must be HighHeelsPixxx right? Maybe you have any proofs to prove your fantasies or at...
    least some info when and where they gonna close the comments for non-members and what the new pixxxes will be ? Nope then please, spare us
    29 Jan 2015 20:11
  • Grumpy Cat: "As well add more pixxxsites." More info please and yes would be nice to close the comments for non-members because they are mostly bitching and crying
    29 Jan 2015 18:14
  • Sasuke -fms-: Hinata pixxx is still better than this middle aged men pixxx
    29 Jan 2015 18:06
  • Lexus1Fan: Heeey EEVIE!!!! how are you today? So you did your weekly rex's blowjob this week or did you forget? Or maybe he decline this week...and remember dont go swallow too much rex's cum or you may get addict. Have a nice day :D
    29 Jan 2015 17:53
  • Lexus1Fan: Nicely done heels and tan line always hehe. I already told you dont NEED to explain yourself to NON-MEMBERS lexus, they are just making fun and flaming of you. These are here not to enjoy your work but to troll they dont even know what they are talking about and accusing EVERYONE of being me LOL. Just keep doing the nice work you been doing with the details you feel doing like heels, poses, tan lines, toys, sexy clothes etc... and ignore these garbages. I already speak to the web administer o...
    f pixxxsites and they are going to close the comments for non-members again because of the flame and insults to the members. As well add more pixxxsites.
    29 Jan 2015 17:45
  • Celto: How come the guy's are never balls deep inside the women? It's either the tip or half way. That'd make some nice images for sure.
    29 Jan 2015 14:19
  • Nyannyan: At least varies between some characters, not as narutopixxx, which already has almost 10 images of the Bitch Hinata this month.
    29 Jan 2015 12:58
  • a53z9x32: It doesn´t matter which request you are doing. Your art is always Perfeckt.
    29 Jan 2015 12:10
  • PasserBy: Too much of a set of same characters being re[eated. Unohana, Rukia, Bambietta, Hallibel most notably. Try to diversify it a bit. Else it's gonna turn into NarutoPiXXX with Hinata everytime.
    29 Jan 2015 11:52
  • xxxLover: Mine is in the wall since june 2014, hope you made it before this month ends.
    29 Jan 2015 08:49
  • Lexus: <strong> I dont want to accuse someone unless im sure, Lexus1Fan/Edwardnewgate/unohana_lover/pyongwang (<--we already have his IP on our blacklist for a month, cause using multiple nicknames just to get a lot of request in a month is unfair to other paying members) has a different IP with this Sablo guy, and this request has been in the wall since august. the requester did not request for the heels.. i just put it there, same as the bra..
    29 Jan 2015 08:03
  • Lexus: <strong>this guy has a different IP though.. I honestly dont know what to look for anymore..and i dont want to point fingers unless im sure.. as of now im relying on IP addresses to make sure..Sablo did not request for the heels.. i put it there, same as the other details i sometimes feel like putting in a picture, like that bra.
    29 Jan 2015 08:01
  • Pixxxmember: Good job Lexus1Fan and all your cheating names, you get another request, cheating Lexus again and stealing other members. So now we can call you Sablo? Lexus, is too obvious this guy is a flooder asking always heels, please stop this.
    29 Jan 2015 07:30
  • EVA-013: After such long "the anti "multi-accounts" and fair selection requests from all members" speech from you We got another pic for Edwardnewgate again. I rest in my case But I can't blame you after all this guy is your biggest fan/asslicker ever and nothing wonder that he is your special favorite VIP member Good luck with drawing more pics for him cuz many high-heels, comic style and tanlines requests will come from we know who
    29 Jan 2015 07:27
  • xxxLover: Lexus, please don´t forget my request, for your next pic please man its time!
    29 Jan 2015 07:26