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Bleach Beach: Meninas Mcallon

Tags: Soft Porn, Bleach Beach, Meninas Mcallon,

15 June 2014
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  • Zarak: I love the pic 100% especially the color you decided to give her since she doesn't have an official color because the anime stopped a long time ago. the color is very creative and impressive on your part, I hope the official color turns out to be this one since it matches her perfectly or a very close color to this one :) I do love seeing a version of this pic with her having tanlines because it will give a realistic impression of being in the beach, and the anon male recolored as white can be...
    nice too.
    20 Jun 2014 23:09
  • Edwardnewgate: You forgot the tanline on this one xD...
    17 Jun 2014 20:03
  • GodOfPeace: can't wait to see CANDICE indeed!
    17 Jun 2014 19:35
  • Ultima: Awesome work! The hair color is perfect. Can't wait to see the other 3 Sternritter gals, specially Candice Catnipp.
    15 Jun 2014 09:55
  • Bingo: Nice!
    15 Jun 2014 09:04
  • Xeos: Sternritter P, Power, also one of Bambietta's henchmen. This is really nice, though she seems to thin. In the manga panels she has that Orihime style body. Busty and a rather proportioned body.
    15 Jun 2014 04:49
  • OveronX: Don't really know who she is (Haven't read that far in the manga apparently) but hot damn she's a sexy little minx. Gotta love how all your pictures have this... I don't know, softness to them. Like all the breast grabs look like the hands are squeezing a nice firm marshmallow <3
    15 Jun 2014 04:39
  • hatake: I know that feel, ive been dealing with shitty internet for the past 5 years
    15 Jun 2014 04:30