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Yuzu's NerveGear Simulation

Tags: Halloween, Kurosaki Yuzu, Crossovers, Costumes, Crossover,

28 October 2015
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  • Pain-Sama: Exactly man, this is absolutly awesome ^^
    30 Oct 2015 01:55
  • G90: Good job Joe! I think this is one of your best drawings, because this time I do not feel this masculine side which is sometimes found in the way you draw the faces. Incidentally, with this hairstyle, I do not know why, but Yuzu reminds me Yukari of Persona 3. (Given that you seem to love Atlus games, it can always be a track for the Halloween theme.) (Although I'm more Team Mitsuru, haha.)
    28 Oct 2015 21:22
  • Grimreaper: Yuzu crossover as asuna my dream came true tkz joe you have mad me the happiest man ever!!!!!!!!!!
    28 Oct 2015 20:08