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9 July 2014
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  • Lexus: <strong> at first glance I thought ur icon was Eren from attack on titan XD
    11 Jul 2014 09:08
  • Lexus1Fan: Lol, cant the guy take a break or get sick sometimes?...
    10 Jul 2014 20:54
  • Lexus: <strong>here!! :) I got sick, so I apologize for the lack of updates, I'll make it up on my rest days no worries!
    10 Jul 2014 01:37
  • oturan: older version? shes over 100 years old in the anime how much more could her body change
    9 Jul 2014 23:45
  • GodOfPeace: Not bad, you're improving slowly but surely! At least her face is much better/more accurate than the ones in your previous pics. I think that's one of the most important details on such pics. If it doesn't give you the impression that it really is the character you like, then no matter how sexy their body is, it's not gonna be the same. Anyways, may I ask when will Ellery come back? If she'll at all?
    9 Jul 2014 19:29
  • WakeUpKiva: I want to bang all the Bleach girls so hard
    9 Jul 2014 18:32
  • Xeos: Another nice pic Joe, however you really need to spend time drawing pussy's when it comes to the view like this pic. A single line isn't going to cut it.
    9 Jul 2014 18:19
  • Lexus1Fan: Hot, i wish i could be an anime character now to suck that beauty shaved pussy xD.
    9 Jul 2014 17:48
  • : Where is lexus???
    9 Jul 2014 16:07
  • Kiddo: This is good and all, but isn't Soifon known to have a more petite body? I'll consider this an older version then. And great job on the face.
    9 Jul 2014 12:14