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You are Nothing Compared to Harribel-sama

Tags: Bleachbabes, Doggystyle, Strap On Dildo, Cyan Sung-Sun, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck,

16 July 2015
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  • Lexus: <strong>OK understood! and sure, those revisions are fine by me.. I havent received any new request from you when i checked, ill check again later! My details depends on my mood, i actually feel like i don't put much lately, since i feel like i need to get some rest with bleach, they all i see everyday you know? XD but work is work, they pay me enough and im thankful to them cause they are very understanding of their employee's situations. This is my first job ever, and it's been good so far.
    19 Jul 2015 01:30
  • Foot_Fetishe: Yes please i agreed to the modificaion i said that on the messages i tried to post on the comments but any of them were shown like i said... maybe the site only accept comments for members? by the time i sent the messages my signature was expired... for explanation i said 'bikini' {aside genitals}. Down part &gt; waist/pussy/vagina. Top &gt;breast/chest. That is it. And again i'd like to thank you by that amazing work, you are very capricious artist there's absolutely no flaws on that pictur...
    e and her nails type french look like real specially on feet, oh i love a pretty feet ;) probably my next request for you will be a footjob. Allow me to ask you, Why do you put so much details on the pictures do they even pay you enough for that? And one more thing would you please add some lipstick or lipgloss on Mila too if not too much asking? And i asked to add the tan 'there' because it really look odd tanned only up and not down. I'm sending a new request to you let me know if you have received thanks.
    19 Jul 2015 01:19
  • Lexus: <strong>hello there, your comment was on spam. BTW, i did not receive any instructions from you to to make tan lines on the down part. Gamakichi-sama made that comment suggesting it here http://793106c3f1317b9.bleachpixxx.hentaikey.com/2015/06/11/cum-at-me-bros/comment-page-1/#comment-129230 i told him you didn't gave me instructions to do it. I could've done it FOR him BUT you didn't approve of his comment nor gave the "go" to edit it. It was OK for me before to take suggestions from other memb...
    ers/non-members and edit pics without the "requester's" approval, but that got me in trouble last time. So i only take suggestions if the requester approves of it. for example, I drew a request and a non-member/member wanted another version w/o tanlines or cum etc, I wont make any revisions until the requester of that pic gave me the approval. this was part of your description "Mila Rose please don't draw that arrancar 'crown'and necklace. Anal, licking her lips, looking to us and wearing sling bikini don't cover breasts^^ tanned like her bikini {aside genitals}" {aside genitals}<--- i thought when u said this u meant to exclude the tanlines on the genital part..now im very confused.. what was the "down part"? please clear things out for me if possible. Hope you understand why i did not edit your pic. but in any case, it seems u want the edit after all, i'll add the tan lines down there when i get the chance!
    18 Jul 2015 14:31
  • Foot_Fetishes: Sorry but i'm going to join on this one. Lexus i asked you to fix(add) the tan down part of my request ''Cum At Me Bros'' with Mila Rose and so far nothing. My comments wasn't shown and i sent some yes sir, even submited as a 'request note' in a short description setence by the Submit, checked multiple times and the picture still there ''unedited''. Plus you say 'though I only do revisions if its not gonna take too much of my time, like a resize/remove or ADD TANLINE/change color of certain p...
    arts/change simple BG/'' Now tell me you haven't received a simple request to fix and add tan on a small sentence but you received the request that was much bigger? okay in any case then i'm asking AGAIN. Lexus would you please go and fix my request adding tan as i requested on my request 'Cum At me Bros'? Is just add the tan around Mila's Rose genital i believe it's not so difficulty to leech too much of your time. Waiting your answer IF this comment not to go to the SPAM or be rejected again who knows.
    18 Jul 2015 04:11
  • Lexus: <strong>Hello, I announced your name last time, i mentioned your request was blank, If it is possible to resubmit another one, , try using google chrome or divide your sentences into parts. thanks!BTW i saw THIS comment on Spam, please check your email address or avoid clicking the comment button multiple times.
    18 Jul 2015 03:21
  • Lexus: <strong>I saw ur request and its there no worries, if there are any concerns or if you are worried that your requests are blank just let us know! :) I just have a LOT of request from April and May that i need to finish before i get to June batch when u made the request. Thank you for your patience!
    18 Jul 2015 02:54
  • Lexus: <strong>Hello there, I saw your request and no worries, it was on June, Im still chopping down April and May's requests as there are a LOT of it. In any case im almost done with that batch i think, I'll be working on the June ones soon!
    18 Jul 2015 02:52
  • Lexus: <strong>You asked for a revision of the legs, to be in a whole new different position which means i will have to erase and REDRAW/recolor a new pair of legs, it will take too much of my time for a revision, moreover, it should have been on your description that you wanted the legs positioned a certain way in the first place. In THIS picture, Nel's tits isn't that hard to edit at all, its just to resize it, if you will notice nothing, not even the lines were modified, i just simply enlarged it, p...
    lus, Nel's boobs is in fact supposed to be larger and its a mistake on MY part. I'm sorry if i refused your revisions, if it were any easier i'd do it right away, for future reference though I only do revisions if its not gonna take too much of my time, like a resize/remove or add tanlines/change color of certain parts/change simple BG/ AND if the requester did not like a certain "twist" i added on their pic like going soo far away from the pose/description reference i was given. Hope you understand, and thank you for bringing this up to me so i can clear it up to you and for everyone else.We do our best to be fair. ^^ Have a great day as well
    18 Jul 2015 02:46
  • Tan Tan Tan: Good evening how long untill my suggestion lexu?
    17 Jul 2015 23:12
  • Gamakishi-Sama: Hello just a question is this guy Mystogan better than me or the other members for you edit his picture lexus? Because i asked for some edits on my request too and you refused to accept them saying that 'if i wanted i had to be mantion about them on the request' and i didn't say any word. Now you come here and edit the picture for this guy? How about a bit more consideration between artists and customers please? Thank you^^ by the way i wish my modifications too please^^ Have a great da...
    17 Jul 2015 21:13
  • Urameshi: Excuse me is everything alright with the request i submited to you lexus?
    17 Jul 2015 20:57
  • Erebos: Sorry for bothering you, Lexus-san. Just in case, did my request from month ago appear in the suggestion box successfully or it was blank?
    17 Jul 2015 20:04
  • Lexus: <strong> them tits are big now XD Hope you like it!
    17 Jul 2015 19:11
  • Lexus: <strong>dont worry, your pic is on my queue.
    17 Jul 2015 07:31
  • UzumakiFan: After all the 'confusion' and 'reposting here and there' i just remind i've got a pending request here for at least 2 months. Please lexus don't take my comments as rude but shall i go to the support to get my request made here too?
    17 Jul 2015 06:05
  • LetsHaveSomeFun: Well montly membership re-signed and request re-sent again. Thanks alot for your time looking forward for your art and my request :). By the way i've got 2 more things to tell you..about the request the two first panels can be medium-small size to the left or right according to your wish just like the picture 'Daily Milk for the Naughty Bitch'. Second i joined the site first time because of you and now again because of you, and a bit of rex i like him style alot only problem is that he has hi...
    s own list of favorite members. But i guarantee i like you much MORE because you are a modest person with a HUGE talent. The pleasure is all ours to have our requests fulfilled by your saint hands, you are the best. I hope you can be moved to Fanpixxx for some more variety for you and the happiness of many. See you take care. PS:Forgive me by spamming you 'box' but i did my best to describe my request to not ask for any modifications and take more of your time later.
    17 Jul 2015 05:17
  • Mystogan: sweet, thx as always.
    16 Jul 2015 22:47
  • Lexus: <strong>hello! glad you like it, and yeah ill try to enlarge them later when i get the chance!
    16 Jul 2015 22:27
  • mystgogan: really appreciate the pic but i agree with celto. is it possible to enlarge neliel's boobs? thanks.
    16 Jul 2015 22:01
  • Lexus: <strong>Hello there. Yes please resubmit your request if possible! I'm not sure about the blank name thing, but sometimes we receive request that has names like "weqwercct" and gibberish like that with only a link that leads to this site's pics, those usually go to spam box with our old "guest wall" system. as for the Content of your request, I don't mind as long as it abides on the rules. If your request is too long make sure to use google chrome, divide your request into parts or use "textsa...
    ve" like the others were doing :) thank you
    16 Jul 2015 21:57
  • Celto: I think Nel's breasts are a little on the small side here. She is one of the top 5 bustiest women in Bleach after all.
    16 Jul 2015 21:48
  • LetsHaveSomeFun: So lexus about the comment on my other picture thanks and maybe by the time i submited my request my name wasn't shown for some issue with the suggestion box perhaps just like the blank requests you received. I asked so long i don't remember which girls i asked lol. I'm asking if you are okay with my request because last time Aidan from sailormoon did not felt confortable drawing the scene so i was wondering if the same was happening to you. If you are not okay with cum swapping/swallowing i ca...
    n request a new one or if you no longer have the request i can submit a 'new' just let me know. I believe you don't receive many of this kind of request well one of them is mine, plus i asked divided into 2 or 3 panels.
    16 Jul 2015 18:34
  • Don: i really like nilliels pose, good job
    16 Jul 2015 14:29