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Yoruichi's Past Time

Tags: Shihouin Yoruichi, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Anon,

2 March 2016
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  • Charles: Everyone that comment here are BIZARRO aka Egate and his multiples names! Stop this flooder guys!
    22 Mar 2016 21:56
  • Deathstroke: I don't know if is because of the background but the heels doesn't fit on this picture not a bit...
    9 Mar 2016 04:56
  • Noodles: Uh uh one more masterpiece from master lexus :D she look like asking for one more cock in pussy, loved the shoes, expression and position hey lexus i don't know if there will be time for you to read this before you add the stuff but just a suggestion...wouldn't be better looking if you move her hand nearest her pussy? it look like her vagina is 'spreading for itself' lol
    6 Mar 2016 20:50
  • Lexus: <strong>what's baby bikini? anyway ill try and talk to the admin if i can change request line up. like i emntioned before, we do not choose the requests, admins are the ones who put our requests on queue, so im not sure if i can get to you FT or Fpixxx request first, ill try and add the tanline soon.
    5 Mar 2016 09:35
  • BladeBreaker: Would love to fill up her ass too. :) Beautiful Yoruichi!
    4 Mar 2016 09:57
  • Akatsuki_Pain: Thanks may i ask you to pick up the one on fairytail as my next request instead the others for fanpixxx(belle)? fairytail really needs some stuff there and one more thing...i think is not too much work if you are willing to make a tan line version of this? she would look lovely tanned, also appreciate if you could make her boobs like 'baby bikini' picture but if you cannot edit the boobs i understand.
    3 Mar 2016 19:44
  • dragonshiryu: nice picture more high heels pictures please her breasts are a little odd i guess, you should use more heels polish nails and make up on your requests Lexus any chance you add a tanline version she would look great with some tans due her skin color and tan lines look great on dark skined girls
    3 Mar 2016 18:52
  • Don/fish1337: god this is soooo good! o.O the updates are awesome i just would wish they would come more frequently ;( bute hell a big THANKS for this masterpiece! 10/5 stars
    2 Mar 2016 18:40