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Rangiku's Anal Lessons

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2 March 2016
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  • Westes: When you say "before Lexus and Aidan came back", from when and what do you mean, exactly? They are freelancing artists here, so they come and go every now and then. Over at Narutopixxx you called me, Natsu7, Don and Spike1941 out for "owning" the pixxx sites, and saying this: "“Spammers, trollers, flamers and haters are all welcome here”. I’m done here too…" Not only do you not you backup your claims with examples/evidence, but you also have the nerve to write this to Lexus: sabakuno...
    sabakunogaara says: March 9, 2016 at 5:54 pm "(...)i’m not here to point fingers or trolling or accusations and i’m not saying just because someone is an old member he’s better than a new one not that or contrary,(...)" You just namedropped me and 3 others, so what the hell do you mean "not here to point fingers"? Not only that, but those names are known HK members who supported Lexus and Aidan when they were active on WHentai. Coincidence? I wonder... Also, we're not that stupid. We know how the votes and request polls work on Whentai. It's true that private commissions can be cheaper than buying/spending votes, but people prefer different artists, and not every artist wants to share their contact info or even take private commissions. Btw, you might want re-submit your requests here on Bleachpixxx, 'cause they may've been removed again. You're not going to? Then, why are you even complaining here in the comments if you're not awaiting any requests? Besides, you're not really supposed to write these kind of complaints in the comments. Let the artists focus on drawing, and go to Support instead.
    16 Mar 2016 12:48
  • sabakunogaara: Rex and Darwin choose which requests they'll take and i've noted they draw only for certain members those i call 'specials' they don't even count because there's no unfair artists as the ones on Narutopixxx. The sites were almost dead before Lexus and Aidan come back here and when they came back guess who was the firsr ones who get their requests fulfilled?? Natsu, Don/fish, westes and the others... They started to change from which members to take requests after we start complaint. Fortunate...
    ly Lexus and specially Joe(i love how joe maintain his queries) are better scheduling their queues. And about whentai we don't pay any extra for anything, we buy the votes and use them the artists are paid according the number of extra votes they collected on every 'request'. I do know that because my friend in real draw there as an artist so i know how the things works on whentai, you buy, bribe or beg for votes. That's how you win on the polls honestly that site sucks they're there to eat your cash more than HK, at least here we have more content. Only a moron would spend cash buying votes for that site when you can make private commissions for the half of price with artists.
    11 Mar 2016 20:15
  • Chaos: You are serious ? But your idea lame as hell and have serious problems because members will be make requests mostly for most popular artists like rex and lexus and on most popular sites like Npixxx or Fpixxx when in the same members will be ignore unpopular artists and sites and in the end some artists will be overworking while others will be sit without work. If today I'll be do request for lexus on Fpixxx then I'll be wait over year to get it done and for all these time I won't have be the rig...
    ht to make any other request for any other artist on any other site, RIGHT ? You are FUCKING SERIOUS ?!? Then what a reason to being a member for all this time? What a reason the existence that many others pixxx-sites ? No one normal member never will be support your lame idea, only fucking cheaters who may change their nicks for every day for many times will be happy with that PS HKey admins please turn off that lame moderating system for comments section and let members to free chating
    10 Mar 2016 17:42
  • Alex-Cross: So true...but just monitor isn't enough they need to apply some rule like one request per member every month and do not allow them spam 10-20 requests, only one request per site instead one for every artist and one request per month instead one here, then another one on naruto and another one on fairytail all done consecutively. The best solution for this is delete requests from spammers i agree to this idea and one person cannot be allow to post another request untill have all his currently one...
    s clean. They need someone to place monitor, report and delete request from spammers this is what i think should be done. If they don't want to cancel the spammers subscriptions delete their requests then this is the best solution to get people stop spamming the sites with hundred requests.
    9 Mar 2016 18:59
  • Alex-Cross: About picture: Perfect i love this theme of naughty schoolgirl/teacher, the stocking and shoes make she look ever hotter than she is not to mention the divine position, this was very well requested. About you comment: I know what you mean man and i do exactly as you say besides we are paying for the whole site content not the xxxsites because them are a bonus. I'm from the Helery time and i remember the description box used to be called 'suggestion box' meaning, you can send your 'suggestion'...
    but it doesn't mean it will be done or the artist is obliged to accept they are free to decline the ideas, sometimes there is something they do not want or cannot draw for exemple underage, incest, gay, pregnant etc and sometimes people don't think about that and send requests containing six/eight characters thinking the artists are obliged to accept that idea and it doesn't work like that. If i send a request and it is ignored/skip i change the idea then i try again if i see he's ignoring it means he do not feel confortable doing that or simple won't draw so i stop bother and move forward. But one thing is clear some people are getting more requests than the others, some have 2/3 even four pages of requests(narutopixxx) from the same person even a kid can note the artists are favoring some members and ignoring others unless the blog manager do something to stop some artist from taking requests this will never end. They should have a moderator to monitor and check which members are getting more requests than the others, seriously 3 pages of requests from the same person while others just wait is insane.
    9 Mar 2016 18:41
  • Urameshi: Before i leave my comment let me say those are nice pictures lexus. Though i never had one single picture done by Lexus i think Lexus, Joe and Robert do their schedule requests very well so this let's say 'new rule' admin giving artists their schedule requests to do would work better for the other artists. I never had any request made by rex and Darwin and i tried to ask the only one request i ever left to lexus has been deleted i haven't posted a new one because i hate crying for something that...
    wasn't or will not be done if i repost it has 80% to be ignored, deleted or taken as spam. I try not to spam my requests when i do ask any it's one or two for diferente artists because i hate spam artists not only on this site but on any site so i act like that: I post my request once it's not done then i try again in case it's not be done i just give up and look for another place/site where it will be done whether here or other site. i currently have four pending requests for the pixxxes fanpixxx(Lexus), onepiece(that i'll repost), narutopixxx(rex and Darwin) and animepixxx(claudius) the ones from naruto and anime i gave up already because i know them will never be done and will be cheaper if i pay a private commission than keep renewing my subscription and keep reposting and bothering the artists. So to end this post i'd like to tell you guys if you see your requests are being ignored, skipped whatever complaint about it won't get the artists to do your requests the best solution is move forward to another site and not waste your times and breath. My advice is if you are on HentaiKey for requests try to find another site there are good ones it's better than keep wasting your cash and time. And believe me submit tickets to the support about deleted/ignored request is waste of time i do know what i'm talking about. They don't really care about your requests because ''the pixxxsites are a bonus when you join HK you are paying for the whole contente not the pixxx exclusively and the artists are not obliged to accept your suggestion'' this will probably what you'll get as answer about your request complaint.
    7 Mar 2016 18:57
  • Deathstroke: And i agree with you 100% percent they need stop favoring 'special members' we all pay the same for the subscription so why favor some and ignore others? members spamming thousand requests around sites to increase their chances of have more requests fulfilled is wrong and has to stop unfortunally there's nothing to prevent this happening. Two request at maximum is more than enough for the same person on different sites and if he had 1 or 2 requests fulfilled he should wait for another at least 2...
    months. But one thing is clear the administrators need to hire some new artists or at least place fixed ones for sites, if they don't want to merge sites all in one then please to keep the sites update in day bring new artists for god's sake, Fairytail-Sailormoon(semi-dead), Fanpixxx(so so) and so on. Narutopixxx as a main site should have at least 4 artists and it has half...if what Lexus said is true let's hope things change to better and stop this favouritism because as the things are going it seems the pixxxsites are here for special members. One more thing requests with more than 2 characters should be take 2 or more months to be done, why? 1- because orgy and gangbang takes time and are stressing,2- artists aren't paid enough to draw 5-6-8 more characters for the price of 2-3, commissions are charged per number of characters the more chars the higher the price and i believe HK WON'T be paying 80USD+ to the artist who draw orgy with 8 characters. If i'm not mistake HK pay for image regardless on how many characters has on it meaning: a picture with a single character worth the same value than a pic with 10 here, the artists specially Lexus, Aidan and Darwin accept those kind of requests because they are very nice people but they are not paid enough for that. So you guys who request 4-5-6+ characters should be real happy to have your requests fulfilled by them. Go to narutopixxx and send Rex a request with more than 4 characters..you'll die waiting for your request.
    6 Mar 2016 21:30
  • Noodles: WOW this is awesome!!! the shoes and stocking suits perfectly with her costume and the background is very nice i loved the writtings on the blackboard lol. Nicely request dragonshiryu I think this would look better if she were spreading her pussy with both hands, any chance of a secondary version with this detail lexus? if not i'll request for ya latar :D
    6 Mar 2016 20:43
  • sabakunogaara: Hmm i see i hope they can find a solution to monitor how many requests every member are getting per month because some get less and other get more.The first thing they need to stop is members spamming requests around sites like 2-3 here for lexus/joe then 3 more for joe/lexus/aidan on fpixxx then more on opixxx for robert/lexus/ainda and so on. They should do something like 'if you sent a request to lexus here you cannot send another to him again on fanpixxx and other sites' this would put an en...
    d on the request spamming once and for all and also give the chance for other artist and members get their requests done. Because as the things are now alot people are getting their requests over and over again within a couple weeks while other keep waiting. There is no need favor anybody we all are paying the same ammount for the subscription. Well i really hope they can find a solution to make the site FAIR for everybody. One request per month per member on different/same site are more than enough. Sites needs more artists but FIXED artists to avoid overload their own artists. Specially naruto, fairytail and onepiece If this is true and the administrators are now in charge of giving the requests to the artists this is a big improvment i hope this finally put an end on comments like 'dsjkh is ignoring my requests' specially requests about fetishism, i have nothing against those requests them are everywhere, if a member request something about fetishism here and be rejected he'll just find another site to submit that request. You know i'm right, if somebody see he's not getting their requests fulfilled he'll quit and move to another site whether or not fetish this is fact.
    6 Mar 2016 19:48
  • Don/fish1337: sry but you point of view seems to be very subjective sure if you are a member for a long time it will result in more of yur requests done over all but thats just fair because we don't just get a one month membership spam some requests and canel it afterwords like most here do and since you called my name: the last request from lexus was 1. November so if you think one request in 4-5 months is much i don't know what to say... aidan did one request for me in all my time as a member and rex...
    last pic for me was in november too so the same people getting requests over and over again is bullshit we have to wait long enougth and your complain about whentai members: it is a complete diffrent site and we paid extra for every request you could have done the same but you didn't so stop complaining about the long time members because they are one of the reasons the pixx sites still exists, it would be easy for us to go for a one month membership make our requests and leech the next months like so many others do but instead we keep our membership to support the artists all the time even after all the problems lately and i think getting 1 request done every 2-3 months for that is not to much to asked if you are unsatisfied with your requests fine but stop trying to involve other members in your problems
    5 Mar 2016 14:38
  • Chaos: I guess the admins shall stop trying something new with distributing the requests, they should put more attention to artists and their sheulde of updates. Only two pixxxes Fpixxx and OPpixxx among all pixxes has tried to bring the daily updates on February while others just failed like FTpixxx only four poor pics on month, SMpixxx 5 pics, Npixxx 9 pics, BPixxx 10 pics and 9 from them been made by Joe although the three artist must have been work with Bpixxx, right ? HK admins explained why Darw...
    in and Ferds have problems with updates but how about others ? Ok whole February we seen how artists do not draw any pics for a whole week or two then come to their sites to make few updates and again dissapearing for week or two without any explanations, But February has gone and in March we keep seeing the same story as on previous month You know, if everything will be continue in this way, then very soon then all current efforts of Admins about process where they can monitor how many request the member gets per month will be the waste of time because only few most loyal and rich members won't be cancel their premium accounts and keep paying for slowly and poor updates And then all this monitoring system of members requests won't be have any sense for pretty obvious reasons
    5 Mar 2016 12:19
  • Lexus: <strong>I guess you can spam requests from different sites, if it means spamming the to get more requests then i dont see why not. The admins are trying something new, with them takincg charge on distributing the requests. As an artist, i just focus on the assigned task, i cannot monitor who's getting the most request over and over on every site as some members gets requests done by DIFFERENT artist on different sites is why it seems they are being favored. But if u request to the same artist ov...
    er and over again chances are some of your requests will be on hold for that certain artist, the admin told us that they are working on a process where they can monitor how many request the member gets per month lets wait and see how they can improve things soon okay? if there are more complaints towards this issue kindly submit a report. thanks~
    5 Mar 2016 10:52
  • sabakunogaara: Great work on all those pics Lexus them are amazing...the only thing that still needs to be fixed is the same members get their requests made one after another on the sites like don, natsu7, westes, akatsuki_pain etc... I guess the blog manager won't mind if i start spamming requests around sites to get 2-3 requests done in a row and no...i'm not saying they ARE the same person. I'm just saying that is very unfair same people(specially those whentai members) get their requests done here conse...
    quently on fanpixxx, bleach, sailormoon and one piece while others like me has to wait a couple months to get only one pic per month and for one site only. Tell me if it's fair. And once again i am NOT claiming they are the same person i'm just upset cause the very same people keeps geting their requests fulfilled consequently on different sites over and over again and nobody does nothing it is really REALLY sad.
    5 Mar 2016 05:54
  • dragonshiryu: Your uploads take some time but them all worth waiting those three last pictures are amazing i love high heels thanks for accept my request Lexus you are the best i'm very very satisfied you must probably be asian cuz your art is very nice count with my support for a couple more months by the way. I have a request for you on fanpixxx and i'm looking forward to that one how long untill you get on that with Meiko Shiraki? i can't wait for it..ps; i've updated new reference for costume on that one...
    please take note of that
    3 Mar 2016 18:45