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Tags: Threesome, Finger, Fingering, Pussy Finger, Kurosaki Yuzu, Kurosaki Karin, Wet Pussy,

1 February 2015
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  • joe: Hmmm...didn't think of that. Maybe I'll do just that next time. Thanks for the idea!
    2 Feb 2015 20:36
  • joe: Thank you for those points. I will take note of that. Yep, the more someone does something frequently, the better they become at it - true.
    2 Feb 2015 20:35
  • joe: Thanks. Glad you liked it.
    2 Feb 2015 20:34
  • isshin104: I think it looks great. This art style is much better in my opinion. Keep it up joe your getting there.
    2 Feb 2015 19:54
  • Zelos: Beautiful Picture! Good Job Joe.
    2 Feb 2015 06:01
  • Draconis Paladin: You really nailed the bodies and faces on this one. Great work!
    2 Feb 2015 02:51
  • Don: the bodys need no more work, they really look great just the face especially the mouth needs some btw is something wrong with lexus? he is updating inceadibly slow the last weeks
    2 Feb 2015 00:25
  • Celto: Obviously your best piece of art you've ever done for Bleach Pixxx, but as you said there's still room for improvement. Your style is becoming more and more like Lexus's, it looks nice with a good finish, but at the same time it looks a little off with some things. First, the solid black eyelashes always ruin the characters eyes. They look to thick and not to mention the glow and blurry effects don't look very good because it makes the eyelashes stand out more than the eyes do. Another t...
    hing is that your shading feels flat in coloration. It looks similar to the way Ellery's shading was and that looked really nice. If you can make it look more colorful with a glossy finish, it'll look good, at least in my opinion. The more you practice something, the better you'll be at it, so keep up the good work.
    1 Feb 2015 18:02
  • The One: I Think will have been cool if you added dick whick is rubing round the half i mean in the center
    1 Feb 2015 16:38
  • Erebos: In my opinion, this pic looks great, Joe-san!
    1 Feb 2015 08:54
  • loop: This is very well done.
    1 Feb 2015 07:53