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Tags: Bambietta Basterbine, Solo, Wet Pussy,

2 February 2015
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  • souleaterx: I would have to agree with Celtl on the eyes. Also I think that adding a little slant to the (similar to how the person who was trying out fairytailpixxx-yaichi-did it.) would add a more sensual air to your drawings.
    8 Feb 2015 21:08
  • Celto: I'm liking the new style, though there's still a few things to work on. You need to take a different approach with the eyes and eyelashes of characters.You draw them too thick and then you add a blur effect over them and the eyes which doesn't look good. Also, could you try and improve on the pussy a bit more? Still it looks nice, and is a good improvement.~
    3 Feb 2015 00:35
  • Anonymousse: Awesome pic. Not too much else to say In my non-professional opinion
    2 Feb 2015 22:23
  • WakeUpKiva: Bambietta looks cute! Keep up the good work! Hope to see more Senna in the future!
    2 Feb 2015 21:06