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Trick or Treat 2016

Tags: Soi Fong, Ise Nanao, Soifong, Halloween, Soifon, Isane Kotetsu, Soi Fon, Sui Feng, Costumes,

4 November 2016
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  • joe: It's both what I want and what the admin wants for now. No one's tending to this site for the meantime as Lexus is off on ftpixxx so there's no reason to go to fanpixxx now as there're 2 or 3 artists there already. Can't leave this site yet as I'm the only one here for now. But I will be in fanpixxx soon, that's for sure.
    8 Nov 2016 05:31
  • Chaos: Does your boss already know about your plans and intend to go back on fpixxx at some point soon ? I guess he have no idea about it, right ? Not offence, but I bet next month you'll be still here to drawing a X-MAS themed pics because your boss will give you this order
    6 Nov 2016 10:21
  • joe: You are welcome.
    6 Nov 2016 05:32
  • joe: I do intend to go back on fpixxx at some point soon, don't worry.
    6 Nov 2016 05:31
  • Stifler: Joe do you gonna back to FanPixxx if you gonna back at all ? Seriously I just tired awaiting when you'll be consider my request there and I know not does there any sense to keep awaiting something from you at FanPixxx or it's about time to start have deal with Karuzu ?
    4 Nov 2016 09:41
  • Westes: Hey, no worries. If it'll be that bothersome, just drop it. Thanks a bunch for this sweet treat! Hope to see more themed pics as much as possible!
    4 Nov 2016 08:05