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Too Early for Valentine's?

Tags: Halloween, Ikumi Unagiya, Crossovers, Crossover,

4 December 2015
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  • joe: You are welcome.
    8 Dec 2015 13:20
  • Be@st: As for me it's pretty lame stupid idea from HKey to support pixxx-sites to give the able for few artists from whentai time to time make few updates here to get few bonus bucks Those guys prefer whentai over HKey and they'll be leave their the best works there when HK will be get only the slowly updates with lower quality pics Just compare the quality and speed updates of their HK and whentai pics for last month to get it Also they aren't the HK exclusive anymore and people won't be very intere...
    sting to buy HK membership because of them so they even won't be able bring back the money that HK are spending on them Aidan lexus and Ferds should be the bonus helper artists on popular pixxx-sites only but definitely not artists who leading on pixxx
    6 Dec 2015 12:26
  • Deathstroke: Well i don't know if the artists that are on whentai now will go back to the pixxxes, so far they all proved contrary. Lexus, Aidan and Ferds updates for whentai 10+, Sailor, Fairy and Bleachpixxx Lexus, Aidan and Ferds less than 3 after Halloween. Lets hope they come back to their sites or go to another of their choice, just one thing...I'M NOT SAYING THAT THE ARTISTS ARE 'QUITING' but if the situation keep as it is, it's not hard to figure what will happend to pixxxes very soon.
    5 Dec 2015 16:53
  • Haku: Not too early for you Unagiya-kun <3
    5 Dec 2015 09:06
  • McBootyPirate: Pay attention to what Joe actually said. He said that artists would be rotating around sites. They did not lie about possibly working on Narutopixxx, it is simply not their turn yet. And Aidan isn't leading any sites, he is going to be working alongside Robert until his shift is up, then possibly move onto another.
    4 Dec 2015 17:59
  • daniel: you know what even if this is just a way for HKey to save money and site than so be it. and what diffrent it makes for you if you just gonna complain about it... come on man why would you only see the bad side of the story, have you ever thought about how awesome it may be instead of thinking about HKey and its artists problem, if an artist have problems with anything its his problem not yours... come on buddy i dont want to start a fight or anything im just want to say you should try to see...
    things more positive
    4 Dec 2015 14:38
  • AlexIS: Other words HKey have no money to replace artists that left and they use this switching to keep existing of site without artists Aidan who complains about delays in his low pay and ignoring SM for awhile now will be leading on two sites. Really ?! And Joe how about this "management has approved me and Lexus helping out on Naruto/Fairytailpixxx" but you just confirmed you and lexus have no deal with NPixxx any way, You again will be deny the fact that you lied this time again?
    4 Dec 2015 13:25
  • Pinkkitten: I am so thankful to you Joe and with all of these updates, really appreciate it so very much!! love this drawing and nice details on the outfit^^ thank you so much!!!
    4 Dec 2015 13:20