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Tetsuzaemon's Luck Part 2

Tags: Tits, Iba Tetsuzaemon, Titfuck, Tits Squeeze, Orihime Inoue,

4 June 2015
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  • joe: See I wondered that, myself too. Though I'm unsure if Iba did get some spotlight at some later episode to get some interest from some requesters.
    5 Jun 2015 09:55
  • Celto: Well whatever pen type you used for the Yorucihi beach image, stick to that. It looks clean, smooth, gives the lines a strong bold look and does your art justice.
    5 Jun 2015 01:09
  • Sasuke -fms-: I don't get how such a minor irrelevant character get so much attention here
    4 Jun 2015 20:47
  • joe: Funny you said that. The Yoruichi beach image was also inked using Manga Studio and was the actual first time I inked using that software. Though it was a different pen type I used. One thing I liked about MS is that it's tool settings are already set to emulate traditional tools from the get go without much tweaking. Sai's tools needed a bit of tweaking to get stuff right, but they're both great softwares to use. At some point I'll start looking into Clip Studio as well.
    4 Jun 2015 19:28
  • Celto: I know it's your first time using a new software, and art can sometimes vary on the program used to create it, but this looks like one of your early works. I think the lines of your last few pics have been solid and looked perfect. The Yoruichi one especially.
    4 Jun 2015 18:51