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Soi Fon Forced Cum

Tags: Bleachporn, Bleachbabe, Hardcore, Soi Fong, Hardfuck, Sui Feng, Anon Guy,

4 June 2015
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  • : Dude, can you do an awesome Yuzu pic soon?
    6 Jun 2015 23:42
  • akasukidon: No matter your quiet goes up when you can always do can with your art I hope to see more it asks if I want to I can ask substitutes images that did not know
    6 Jun 2015 16:53
  • Assiigoo: Pls 1 pic renji and Soifong ... she cowboy reverse *.*
    5 Jun 2015 09:23
  • Shussy: Yeah, getting pretty sick of the anon guys. :/
    4 Jun 2015 22:48
  • peperana: i love the pic, if you more of Soifong ... i buy 1 lamborgini xDD Nice Pic ^^
    4 Jun 2015 19:49
  • McBootyPirate: Strange, I always thought the BleachPixxx community had a positive reception of you, possibly the greatest in the entire HK community, actually. Regardless, don't let any comments on this site stress you out. You're a fantastic artist and its been a pleasure having you as our artist here. Good luck in finishing your work!
    4 Jun 2015 07:51
  • Soki: I agree with what S.Star said. You're a very talented artist and you said you had some real life circumstances that needed attending. Do what you need to do for yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. Really though, you're such a talented artist. Any new art from you is a blessing, no matter how long it takes.
    4 Jun 2015 06:30
  • S.Star: Just wanted to say don't let the comments get to you--not sure what everyone is saying or what the circumstances are, but it doesn't really matter cause you're a great artist and I believe your words when you say you want to focus on drawing. I know it's a job that can be stressful, but I hope drawing is also fun for you. Thanks for everything and welcome back! :)
    4 Jun 2015 06:09
  • Mystogan: welcome back bro :)
    4 Jun 2015 05:00
  • Shai: Amazing work. Perfect character to be used in force. Though too bad the anon isn't Kisuke.
    4 Jun 2015 04:38