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Tags: Solo, Candicce Catnipp, Fifa World Cup,

18 July 2014
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  • hansi: Please more from this. A Flag in the backround and various hot girls in the picture.
    21 Jul 2014 19:40
  • Zarak: Can't wait to see MORE from Candice Catnipp, if she's so hot here, then her next pics will be god-tier caliber.
    21 Jul 2014 02:55
  • GreatestLoser: Nice comeback, Lexus! Candice`s face is gorgeous, that crazy look and wet tongue really make the picture. If only she could use that tongue on Mcallon`s pussy and asshole...
    19 Jul 2014 20:03
  • Ultima: Awesome work Lexus! Candy looks superb! Can't wait to see more of her.
    19 Jul 2014 11:01
  • Me: Actually, it is just about confirmed that Giselle is a man. In the latest chapter when Giselle says "I got so..moist", the translator points out that he is using the word "boku" for "I", which is the male version of "I". This is seen as confirmation by the translator that it's a guy, and even if you still don't believe it, there's no reason why he would say "boku" otherwise. Also, Yumichika is still calling Giselle a guy, even after Bambi joins the fight. He has no intentions of pissing him off,...
    he's just realized the truth. Also, why do you think that Yumichika wouldn't know what semen smells like? I mean, just about everyone knows the smell, whether you're a guy (masturbating), or a girl (being with a guy). Furthermore, Giselle is flat-chested, which is highly uncommon for anyone but a loli. I'm not exactly happy that Giselle is actually a guy, because I used to think he/she was hot, but oh well.
    19 Jul 2014 06:27
  • Xeos: You do realize that the person who replies to a comment is the one who starts the debate, right? All I was doing was making sure that Lexus was aware that Giselle could possibly be a guy. And exactly what else are the comments good for apart from people praising an artist? I don't see what harm it does to you.
    19 Jul 2014 05:54
  • Kuro: First of all, 7-1.
    19 Jul 2014 04:03
  • ciphwe: NO, NO, Take this elsewere, not here. We want to look at Tits, ass, and pussy, not have a debate about who has a cock and who does not. PLEASE take elsewhere.
    19 Jul 2014 02:57
  • Kiddo: I think at this point, Lexus knows he draws great art.
    19 Jul 2014 01:31
  • GodOfPeace: Fantastic! Candice is my favorite from them.:>
    19 Jul 2014 00:44
  • Arukado: Then it's best to just leave the discussion alone. As you said, there isn't solid confirmation for either fact as to whether or not Giselle is male or female (facts go both ways when you account for actual translation, etc) and it's just going to turn into a giant debate or argument. Beyond that, chances are Kubo will just ride it off as a joke that'll be either overdone or forgotten. Better to just let Lexus/Joe draw what they draw, and enjoy the art they have to bring.
    19 Jul 2014 00:02
  • Xeos: Until "It's" gender has been confirmed, don't you think it's best not to fap to a possible trap? Kubo played a trap card and we don't have solid confirmation that she's a guy or a girl.
    18 Jul 2014 23:44
  • kennysama: Actually, femritter z is NOT a guy, Yumichika was using reverse psychology to get under her skin. He points out that she is a guy while also including the fact that she claims to be unarmed, this makes her whip Bambinochio out because that was his intention; to make her reveal her hand and put all her cards on the table. To explain further, Yumichika states that she smells like semen. How does he know what semen smells like? And what girl won't be enraged when told that. If there's one thing i'v...
    e learnt from manga, its never take comments at surface value because they go for deeper stuff in their works.
    18 Jul 2014 23:37
  • Don: it's nice but i so hoped to see my request with Harribel and Yourichi on the fotball field ;(
    18 Jul 2014 22:37
  • Lexus: <strong>soon my friend ;) this is just the beginning..
    18 Jul 2014 22:11
  • Dildo Daggins: Finally things are going places! Great Candice, but why not using sternritter z as a male with all the other femritters? It would be... well, sweet XD Anyway, Lexus, read the last Bleach chapter. Please, do it. So many ideas...
    18 Jul 2014 21:57
  • Kyuubi: Very good picture though I was expecting some trio which hurts u_u
    18 Jul 2014 21:49
  • Xeos: First Candice pic and it's really good, also welcome back Lexus. Just remember NOT to draw the zombie one with black hair as it's a GUY.
    18 Jul 2014 21:28
  • Jear: Excellent pic! Candice-chan looks very beautiful and hot.
    18 Jul 2014 21:26