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So It was You Who Helped the Quincy

Tags: Bleachbabes, Kurotshuchi Nemu, Yoshi, Bleachporn.lesbian, Reverse Cowgirl, Strap On Dildo, Orgasm,

14 April 2015
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  • Don: nearly a week now with no updates of you lexus, is everything alright?
    20 Apr 2015 13:07
  • Lexus: <strong>alrighty! i appreciate your input on the pic :)i see what u mean, i was havign trouble drawing the body for nemu, but just couldn't figure it out before. thank you! ill practice more on that area!
    14 Apr 2015 19:43
  • : Nemu's body looks like it's disfigured on the right side and doesn't align properly from her left side of her waist all the way up to her breasts where it curves inwards. Not only that but her breasts don't look very natural, they look a bit off, I think? Out of all the things that you need to practice on a bit more, it'd be making the breasts look natural.
    14 Apr 2015 19:36
  • Mystogan: sure thing, if u've got some spare time i would really appreciate it, waking up in the morning and seeing my suggestion get down is like me hitting the jackpot. once again thank you.
    14 Apr 2015 11:21
  • Lexus: <strong>thanks! Do u want it smaller? let me know! ill try to fix :)
    14 Apr 2015 11:15
  • Mystogan: Looks great! Would be perfect if yoshi's breasts are a little smaller
    14 Apr 2015 07:57