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School Vacations at the Beach

Tags: Bleach Babes, Bleach Babe, Bleachbabes, Lesbian, Fingering, Kurosaki Yuzu, Double Dildo, Orihime Inoue,

4 April 2015
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  • Lexus: <strong>Glad You like it! let me know if u have issues about the BG or the Title.. i kinda got carried away with the pool.</strong>
    8 Apr 2015 06:05
  • sailor: pic is so good but we need Ichigo's dick there :D
    5 Apr 2015 21:51
  • EVA-013: Another brilliant outstanding gorgeous masterpiece made by lexus Excellent concept, perfect facial expressions and awesome body proportions Bravolexus you are the true master Thanks for spend your time to do my request
    5 Apr 2015 20:26
  • GoP: amazing job, they're so damn sexy in those swimsuits=)
    5 Apr 2015 06:45
  • Lexus: <strong>ikr...XD i got over excited when he mentioned school swimsuit, the beach thing totally evaporated..i will change the BG if the requester wants to though :)
    5 Apr 2015 06:21
  • Lexus: <strong>ah, we weren't informed to make one. but its a nice idea, though sorry for the lags on posts. will make it up to you guys.
    5 Apr 2015 06:20
  • Don: the pic is nice but one oic in 9 days is a little bit less, will we see a Easter Holiday special from you ?
    4 Apr 2015 22:21
  • random: "School Vacations at the Beach" Swimming pool in the background
    4 Apr 2015 18:37
  • Celto: A nice way to start off Lexus!
    4 Apr 2015 16:27
  • Zarak: AT FUCKING LAST we get new art, and it rocks as hell! it was worth the wait...keep it coming!
    4 Apr 2015 16:22