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Rangiku's Lingerie Night 1.5

Tags: Matsumoto Rangiku, Lingerie, Solo,

30 April 2014
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  • joe: Thanks. And yes, I'm as male as any male can be. Haha! About the style, well, I have my own style I stick to but it isn't in the anime universe though. My specialty is on the western comic/game concept art style which most of the times more painterly than cell shaded. The anime art style I do here is something I do on the side to allow for flexibility of what I can do so there are times I love to experiment. Simply put, it's for practice and for fun. XD
    1 May 2014 02:13
  • lovelexusbutjoetoonow: You're improving man! I didn't like 2/3 of your pictures up until now!! If you keep this style or at least keep some of it, everybody will like your pics just as much as they do lexus' :) One question btw....do you have a boner while drawing the pics?(assuming you're male) lol
    30 Apr 2014 16:26