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8 July 2015
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  • joe: It seems like that. It's a color closer to a shade of pink, at least.
    13 Jul 2015 01:36
  • shinigami: Technically it's magenta.
    9 Jul 2015 23:49
  • joe: Thanks! I will definitely check that one out. Thanks for the chapter reference.
    9 Jul 2015 11:45
  • joe: Hmmm. Is that so? Wonder why that page doesn't show up on Google. Must not have been tagged. All I saw were fan colored pics which were really hard to tell if it really is the actual color scheme or just an assumed one. Still, this is good info. I haven't gotten that far in the manga yet. Thanks. I will check on that.
    9 Jul 2015 11:44
  • dracoson5: Look up chapter 581, Kubo did a color page with her. Regardless of color she still looks awesome!!
    9 Jul 2015 01:34
  • Arukado: The problem with the Bleach Wiki, however, is that sometimes they mark information according to how they perceive it rather than how it actually is. There have been two colors pages drawn by Kubo himself in which Meninas was featured on it. Both times her hair and eyes were drawn to be a pink color, not purple.
    9 Jul 2015 00:09
  • joe: I referred to Bleach Wiki regarding her hair color and it did say that her hair color really is purple with purple eyes. :)
    8 Jul 2015 22:08
  • joe: I thought so too 'til I checked with Bleach Wiki. Apparently, the images I googled that had the pinkish colored hair were mostly fan colored stuff. Since there's no official colors for the latest characters (even marker colored ones like the manga covers), I could only stick close the a reliable source's info. Here's part of the description as per Bleach Wiki: "Appearance - Meninas is a tall and well-endowed girl of slender build. She is light-skinned with long wavy purple hair and short bangs t...
    hat frame her forehead and purple eyes..." There are a few females in the series that have official purple hair so I just picked one I guess since it wasn't really clarified how purple her hair is.
    8 Jul 2015 22:07
  • joe: Yep. That's what we're doing. :)
    8 Jul 2015 21:56
  • newuser9965: Hair color is a little diferent i believe all rest is fine, and by the way i think you should follow comments from those who are premium. Not that I'm saying non paid members comments does not count, i just think you should give more attention for those who are paying.
    8 Jul 2015 19:07
  • Celto: I think Meninas's hair is a light pink color, rather than a lilac/violet.
    8 Jul 2015 16:40
  • Erebos: Pic looks cute, Joe-san, but what about Meninas' hair color?
    8 Jul 2015 16:31