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Tags: Doggystyle, Doggy Style, Doggy, Standing Doggy, Orihime Inoue,

6 July 2015
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  • joe: Bad English? No, I don't think so. You're English is great.
    14 Jul 2015 15:46
  • _Yure_: Thanks i'm not totally new because i submited my request for Narutopixxx some months ago but so far they did not done my request maybe because my description was too long so i'm trying again. I can't remember if i did for Bleachpixxx that time anyway sent a new to lexus hope he might received. And sorry about my bad english i'm Russian :)
    14 Jul 2015 05:53
  • C4: Yo...Joe improved like crazy B...dude is goin i..
    11 Jul 2015 10:02
  • joe: Thank you. I will consider that. And welcome to HK, BTW!
    9 Jul 2015 11:44
  • _Yure_: Hello I'm new here this is proably my very first comment i think this image is very pretty and better compared to your other ones. I think you should keep this layout, you don't have to draw skinny girls just because them are drawn like that on manga. Take the other artist lexus as exemple, the girls he draws are all hot and not skinny, this is how you should do. Skinny girls are ugly dude
    8 Jul 2015 22:18
  • joe: Not a problem. You can submit your request in the usual way. Regarding the body of the females - I try to stick close to how they're drawn in the manga/show and from what I can see, they're really drawn that skinny (or might even be skinnier). Kubo's characters really are drawn that way, I guess it's part of his style. I thought the point was to make the images as close to the original as possible? In any case, I can adjust this depending on the feedbacks. Thanks!
    8 Jul 2015 22:00
  • newuser9965: Hi Joe how are you and lexus doing? long time huh^^... This picture was well made man congrats, i believe if you keep this style on your future updates you'll do pretty good my friend. The weak point on your pictures on my opinion is that you draw the girls too skinny, but this one is pretty good. Try to correct this and like i said you'll do pretty good :). Mind if i submit a new request for you? lexus must be overflowing with requests and i don't want to wait a few months for my request too ha...
    ha :P.
    8 Jul 2015 19:02
  • joe: You have a point. This layout was just 'experimental' so it may not be something that will stick around. Any constructive reaction regarding this is welcome. Thanks.
    8 Jul 2015 08:02
  • joe: Experimental. I'll probably remove it on future images. Thanks for the input.
    8 Jul 2015 07:59
  • joe: No problem. Glad you liked it. :)
    8 Jul 2015 07:58
  • Driller: This is amazing art Joe Orihime looks so sex-appeal and lovely You did incredible work here Thanks Joe
    7 Jul 2015 14:42
  • bill: Hate the white borders and text at the bottom
    7 Jul 2015 08:31
  • Celto: Just my two cents, but this layout seems a bit useless. All your doing is adding the title of the image, who drew it and who requested it which makes them seem like commissions. The site logo is literally all you need on there because they can come to the site and see the details for the image here.
    6 Jul 2015 13:48